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Top 3 Slow Brewers of 2022

Oct 23, 2022 · 2022 · aeropress · best of · brewer · chemex · coffee · cold brew · maker · moccamaster · nitro · slow brew · technivorm · top 3
Top 3 Slow Brewers of 2022

It's finally time for one of our favorite best of 2022 categories: Slow brewers. When we say slow brewers we basically mean anything that isn't espresso. This is a huge range of coffee makers, but we wanted to combine them to bring you the best! Obviously so much of this category is down to opinion, but these are our favorites. As with all of our Best Of 2022 lists, we have three categories. Our Crowd Pleaser category represents a great combination of ease of use, affordability, and features. Top Features might cost a bit more or require more advanced knowledge to get the most out of. Finally, our Ultimate Pick provides the very best combination of features and quality of the bunch. We also offer an honorable mention, which could be the perfect fit for the right end user. Let's get started!

Crowd Pleaser

For some coffee drinkers, all they'll ever need is an AeroPress. This brewer is so dynamic and adaptable, but simple to start with. It's like a French press in some ways, but differs greatly in flavor profile. To brew with an AeroPress you just add a filter and water to a brew chamber, stir, and allow it to sit to brew. Then, you'll position the press over your mug and push the press part down. This is where the name comes into play. Instead of straining out the grounds, the plunger actually creates an airtight seal that then pushes air down onto the water and coffee grounds. That air presses the water through the filter and into your cup. If you brew with the standard instructions you get a mild, delicious coffee that is very easy to drink and preserves the flavor of the beans. The real exciting part of the AeroPress though, is how much you can tweak your brew. By varying grind size, coffee-water ratio, steep time, and even the position of everything, you can really alter the flavor. From concentrates to lighter brews, there's so much you can do with the AeroPress. This brewer also has a community that constantly shares ideas and suggestions too, so it's easy to find new recipes. Cap it all off with an incredible affordable price and the AeroPress is an easy choice for our Crowd Pleaser award on our best slow brewers of 2022 list.

Top Features

cold brew lovers have to get a uKeg Nitro Cold Brewer from GrowlerWerks. If you've ever had a nitro cold brew from your favorite coffee shop you know how tasty it is. If you haven't, just know that nitro cold brew is creamier and smoother than a standard cold brew. The big hurdle has always been making it, as a large nitro infused keg just isn't an option for almost anyone at home. That's why we love the GrowlerWerks uKeg. First, this is just a good cold brewer. It brews plenty of coffee but still fits neatly in the refrigerator. It's also easy to rinse out and use. But of course, the reason we've picked it is for the nitro infusion. The uKeg uses affordable, simple nitro cartridges that you load into the top of the brewer. Then with a twist of a dial you can let the brewer sit and infuse the cold brew inside. When you're ready to serve, just twist the dial to pour and get to enjoying your cold brew. By giving it some gentle shakes and managing the dial more you can adjust how much infusion you get. When you're done, simply remove the cartridge, rinse out the brewer, and store it for next time! It's easy to use, easy to maintain, and most importantly, makes unique, delicious coffee. It's definitely one of our picks for best coffee maker of 2022.

Ultimate Pick

For our Ultimate Pick in our Top 3 Slow Brewers of 2022 we had to go with a new twist on a classic. That's why we've selected the Moccamaster KBGV Select coffee maker. This brewer is simply one of the best automatic drip coffee makers around. The manufacturer, Technivorm, has been in the coffee game for a long time. Their brutalist, modern aesthetic may not be to every coffee drinker's liking, but the quality of the coffee will. The biggest thing that makes a difference in drip coffee brewers is the heating element. Many cheap brewers just dump boiling water onto the coffee, scorching it. Moccamaster brewers have much better heating elements inside that keep water at perfect brew temp through the process. This makes them simple, push button machines, but the coffee is consistently excellent. The KBGV Select ups the ante by giving you a toggle to select between brewing a half pot and a full pot of coffee. What this selecter does is tell the heating element how to properly heat the water so that it provides perfect brew temps through the whole process regardless of the size of the brew. It seems like a minor change, but it's a really smart addition that will ensure great coffee for discerning drinkers. For us, this makes it a great Ultimate Pick for best brewer. It's leveraging classic brew technology in a fan favorite drip brew format with just enough innovation to put it over the top.

Honorable Mention

For our Honorable Mention on this list of Top 3 Slow Brewers of 2022 we've selected the Chemex Classic Coffee Maker. This pour over brewer is aptly named because it is, indeed, a classic. Chemex pour overs are a staple of the coffee industry, and it's hard not to love this gorgeous brewer. It might just be your favorite piece of coffee gear to display, with elegant design and aesthetics. The coffee doesn't slouch either, as this brewer delivers a light, bright brew that is easy to learn to make and absolutely delicious when paired with the right beans. It's true that many coffee enthusiasts will call the Chemex their favorite way to drink coffee, and we think once you try it you'll see why! That does it for our top picks for slow brewing in 2022. We hope you've enjoyed these categories, stay tuned for more!

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