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Top 50 Coffee Drinking Countries

May 14, 2010 · coffee · espresso · Legacy · news
Top 50 Coffee Drinking Countries

If you're expecting to head to Rwanda and sample some of their world-renowned coffee, you'll most likely be sorely disappointed in the cup of coffee you end up with. This is true of many of the coffee producing countries of the world, who actually have a relatively small population of actual coffee drinkers. The majority of their coffee is exported around the world -- and you'll probably find a tastier cup in Finland than you will in Ethiopia. At the end of April, Bloomberg reported (from Euromonitor) the most avid coffee drinking countries in the world, measured by the quantity consumed in liters per capita. We took that, put it in a table and assigned each country a general region, as well, so you can sort it and see which parts of the world are the biggest coffee connoisseurs. [table id=2 /]

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