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Top Three Pour Over

Sep 3, 2016 · chemex · coffee · hario · pourover · reviews · top 3
Top Three Pour Over

The Round Up

Pour over coffee delivers an irresistibly smooth, flavorful cup that casual and enthusiast coffee drinkers desire. The method involves a steady, controlled pour that evenly extracts grounds and brings out those delicate notes like fruits and spices. We enjoy a lot of different pour over coffee makers but our top three picks have to be the Hario V60, Chemex and Kalita Wave. These three brewers offer beginners and professional home baristas different amounts of control, volume and design options—you’re bound to find a pour over brewer you’ll love! Check out the reasons why each coffee brewer made the list.

Staff Pick: Hario Coffee Dripper V60

The Hario V60 allows professional and budding baristas alike granular control over their pour over—earning it a place at the top of our list! Practice dialing in the grind, finding the ideal brew temperature or perfecting your pour technique and the coffee will speak for itself. One of our favorite design elements though is both iconic and functional! Inside the V60 are raised swirls that keep the paper filter from sticking to the edge and restricting the water flow, so our coffee is always evenly extracted—hooray! Another reason we adore the V60 is there are different colors, designs and sizes available, so there’s something for everyone. That said, the V60 is generally a one to two cup serving—ideal for one coffee lover to enjoy. If you want to make pour over for a crowd, we’ve got something better for you.

Crowd Pleaser: Chemex

Chemex’s iconic carafes are elegant and, most importantly, make a delicately bright, tea-like cup of coffee. This flavor profile results from the thicker paper filters that when wet creates a seal against the wall to help reduce the oils and fines in each cup. If you enjoy the lighter notes of coffee, then the Chemex is sure to be your favorite! The Chemex is designed as pour over vessel and carafe for seamless brewing and serving. On top of that, there are several sizes that make excellent brews for a crowd—try out the 8- or 10-cup! We prefer the glass handled Chemex for easier pouring and clean up, but the iconic wood and leather handle is always a good choice.

Ease Of Use: Kalita Wave

Last but not least, the Kalita Wave is our pick for entry-level baristas! We find it easier to achieve a consistent cup every time thanks to the small holes in the base that restricts the flow. Also, the flat base helps evenly extract grounds for a bolder taste. However, it’s a single serve pour over coffee makers, so keep that in mind if you want multiple cups. But, for ease of use, it’s quick to brew and easy to clean up. If you’re new to pour over brewing, the Kalita Wave is the perfect vessel for you!


For our top three pour over coffee makers, we have the Hario V60, Chemex and Kalita Wave. Each pour over has different designs and sizes that have something to offer for everyone. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more of Seattle Coffee Gear’s top three picks!

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