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Video Roundup 4/20/20

Apr 20, 2020
Video Roundup 4/20/20

Hey Coffee Lovers! We've got some VERY exciting videos for you this week, and for the time being we'll be coming to you on Mondays! Moving our video roundup day is temporary, but we wanted to help you start your week with some fresh coffee tips. So without further adieu... Gail gave us a look at her brewing setup from her RV! Then Allie showed us her process for dialing in Olympia's Big Truck Espresso: Next we've got a look at the brand new Rocket Espresso Appartamento Nera! Then Allie and I sat down to for a video chat to talk about our delicious Roast of the Month: And we're VERY excited to share a limited return of Good Morning Gail! That's all we have for you this week, we'll be back with more next Monday!

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