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Welcome to the Rocket Faustino 3.1 Espresso Grinder!

Mar 8, 2023 · coffee · espresso · grinders · news · reviews · rocket
Welcome to the Rocket Faustino 3.1 Espresso Grinder!

It’s time to say hello to the newest espresso grinder from Rocket Espresso - the Faustino 3.1! This update to the Rocket Faustino is exciting, and a great time to pick one of these grinders up for yourself! Let’s run down what this piece of coffee gear has to offer.

Look and Feel

The Faustino 3.1 has a lot in common with its predecessor and shares an aesthetic with the Appartamento. The new version comes with an upgraded touch screen, but otherwise retains the tight footprint of its predecessor. This small size makes this grinder so much easier to fit in with a larger espresso machine, and the slick looks will make it look nice sitting next to one as well. The mix of metal and high quality plastic give this grinder a great degree of solidity as well. You can feel how high quality it its, and how durable the components and casing are just by picking it up. The Faustino has a nice thick portafilter rest as well, giving you a secure place to set it while you grind. You can get this grinder in a black, chrome, or white finish with copper or white side panels as well.

Programming and Performance

The Faustino 3.1 features 50mm flat steel burrs. These burrs make quick, precise work of coffee beans to produce high quality grounds without clumping. They’re also easy to remove and clean or maintain, making this a great grinder for enthusiasts. This grinder uses a stepless grind adjust, which makes it the perfect choice for serious espresso drinkers. A stepless adjust is like a screw, bringing the burrs together through a near infinite number of settings. While it can be tricky to use an adjuster like this effectively at first, the degree of control it gives you is well worth it. The Faustino 3.1’s adjust dial is thick and easy to control, and features a label to help you with making adjustments. Finally, there’s the programming offered by this grinder. The Faustino 3.1’s touch screen allows you to program three different timed dose amounts. This is perfect if you like to pull shots of different sizes. It also means that you won’t need to do any guesswork once you dial in your grind times for your shot.

Who is it For?

Wondering if the Faustino 3.1 is the grinder for you? If you need a solidly built dedicated espresso grinder you really can’t go wrong with this one. It combines very high performance, durability, and comfort for a really strong package. The new screen options are responsive and aesthetically pleasing, and we really think this is a great choice for the espresso enthusiast or the new user who wants to start with premium equipment. Check it out today!

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