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Western Regional Barista Championship

Feb 26, 2010 · Legacy · news
Western Regional Barista Championship

The world is back on the road toward crowning another barista champion, taking the helm over from last year's winner Gwilym Davies. The next qualifying event in the US is the Western Regional Barista Championship, taking place in LA this weekend -- 2/26 - 2/28 -- at Siren Studios on Sunset. Baristas from California and Hawaii will be competing against each other to qualify for the US Barista Championship later this year. That final winner will then compete on the international stage against other national champs from around the world. In addition to the competition itself, they usually have other great events that coffee lovers in general will enjoy. This year, they're holding an 'Origin to Art: Coffee Expo and Art Exhibit' during all three days of the competition that will feature tastings, demonstrations and interaction. Hoping to catch one of the competitions in your region? There's a few more left to go and you can find out more from the main US Barista Championship website.

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