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Bristot 100% Arabica Espresso Delicato [pre-ground, 8.8 oz. bag]

Tasting notes

Medium roast, strong aroma, chocolate, citron, fruit

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As enchanting as the small town of Belluno that this Italian coffee was roasted in, the Bristot Arabica Delicato will imbue your senses with notes of stone fruit and delicate chocolate. Collected from the cherries of high quality arabica thicket, this preground coffee is dripping with cultivated craftsmanship.

  • Origin - Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, India
  • Blend - 100% arabica
  • Size - 8.8-oz. preground espresso
  • Imported from Italy
Roast Level
Crowd Pleaser

Multi-Region (Varies)

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  • Coffee Type: Ground
  • Product Size: 8.8 oz
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Recommended Brew Methods

A 2:1 water-to-coffee ratio for your espresso shot is recommended. Using a scale to dial in your shots makes the process faster and more accurate. Your espresso grind should be very fine and powdery. Shots should take 30-40 seconds to brew and be thick and syrupy. Don’t stress, adjustments are always needed to get your shots pulling just right!

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About The Roaster

Imported From Italy

Not content with simply being yet another Italian roaster, Bristot manages to consider innovation as much as quality and respect for tradition. From classic Italian roasts to Bio-Organics and other experimental roasts, Bristot offers a range of exciting and interesting options both common and atypical among Italian Roasters.

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