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Bruer Slow-Drip Cold Brewer - Charcoal

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Slow down and enjoy your morning cup with the Bruer cold brew coffee maker. Modeled after classic Japanese Cold Brewers—rarely seen except in high-end coffee houses—the Bruer introduces cold water slowly with an adjustable flow rate valve that drips down and through a bed of coffee. Setup couldn't be simpler: Add water and ice, then turn the Bruer’s valve to your favorite flow rate (we recommend ~1 drip per second). Kick back, relax, and wait for the delicate, clear flavor of your favorite coffee. Makes up to 20 ounces of cold brew concentrate.

  • Adjustable Flow - Dial-in your cold brew flavor with the adjustable drip knob located above the water reservoir.
  • Coffee Concentrate - A large brew chamber lets you load up your Bruer for concentrate or regular-strength cold brew.
  • Double Filtration - A fine mesh filter and optional paper filters ensure excellent clarity in the cup.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Simply disassemble and load into the dishwasher for quick cleaning.
  • Pros
    • Delicious - Slow drip cold brew is worth the wait; it offers one of the freshest flavor profiles of any brew method.
    • Fresher Coffee - A byproduct of the Bruer's small size, regular batch brews ensures you're probably drinking the best coffee possible.
  • Cons
    • A Little Small - With a max size of 20 ounces, you'll be making a new batch of brew every couple of days.
    • Sensitive Dial - There is a bit of a learning curve with the Bruer's touchy flow rate dial.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Bruer shares a common paper filter size with the Aeropress!
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Model Number
  • Width
    5 inches
  • Depth
    5 inches
  • Height
    10.5 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Size
    20 oz
  • Material
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