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The Chemex Classic Coffeemaker is the epitome of simplicity--there are no parts to plug in and no settings to program. This inventive coffee preparation features the most chemically correct method for brewing a robust cup of coffee. The Chemex carafe with a wooden collar and tie is constructed from heat-resistant glass and does not absorb odors or chemical residues. It provides a clean extraction for your daily dose of caffeine.

Choose the size that best suits your need: 3-Cup, 6-Cup, 8-Cup or 10-Cup!

A Note About Coffee & Cups

Let us break it down for you: Although 8 ounces equals a cup in the baking world, a US cup of coffee is measured at 6 ounces and a European cup of coffee is measured at 4.25 ounces. This is why we sometimes list ounces to paint a more accurate picture of capacity. And what do you know--The Chemex instructions measure coffee in 5 ounce cups--go figure!

  • Well Designed - A sophisticated glass and wood design, with a scientific pedigree to boot!
  • High Quality - The iconic one-piece, hourglass shaped vessel is made of high quality, heat resistant glass and ecologically sustainable rubber wood.
  • Low Tech, High Flavor - Incredibly easy to operate, no steep learning curve to master before you create a superior cup of coffee.
  • Fragile - Glass products including this coffee maker require a little extra care to ensure they do not break.
How Does it Compare?

The Chemex Classic Coffeemaker is a brewer and a server in one, not separate like a Hario product.

Tips and Tricks

We suggest trying different filters to see if it effects the flavor.


Model Number 3-Cup: CM-1C | 6-Cup: CM-6A | 8-Cup: CM-8A | 10-Cup: CM-10A
Width 3-Cup: 4.50 inches | 6-Cup: 5.50 inches | 8-Cup: 6.00 inches | 10-Cup: 6.25 inches
Depth 3-Cup: 3.75 inches | 6-Cup: 5.75 inches | 8-Cup: 5.75 inches | 10-Cup: 5.75 inches
Height 3-Cup: 8.25 inches | 6-Cup: 8.50 inches | 8-Cup: 9.25 inches | 10-Cup: 9.25 inches
Material Glass
Manufacturer Chemex


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I just received my Chemex and I'm trying to calibrate a good starting grind for it with my Rancilio Rocky. Using 50g of coffee and a Chemex filter, roughly what brew duration should I target for 800ml at 200° F? I know tastes vary, but am just trying to create a good baseline for now without expending too many beans. :-)
Eric H on Sep 21, 2014
Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker
Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker
Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder
Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder
Best Answer: When reading the other answers remember, every grinder is different! Even from Rocky to Rocky. My best advice would be to shoot for something a little bigger than drip grind, but smaller than French press. It is like a science experiment. Just go for it and then adjust accordingly.
Reply · Report · Rick M on Aug 29, 2016
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Does it come with filters already?
A shopper on Aug 21, 2014
Best Answer: No, the Chemex does not include filters, but they can be purchased separately at the link below:
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Aug 21, 2014
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What is the tie made out of?
Hannah H on Apr 5, 2016
Best Answer: Leather. I don't bother removing it for cleaning. It hasn't disintegrated after 1 year+ of owning. Wouldn't be able to figure out how to re-tie correctly.
Reply · Report · Josh A on Apr 8, 2016
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Can the three cup be used with Hario cloth filter?
Lynn J on Dec 4, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, get the 240mL size
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Dec 7, 2015
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just to be clear the sizes listed are fluid cups and not coffee cups? also is this measurement to the rim or to the narrow bit?
Ryoko H on Dec 22, 2016
Best Answer: The size is measured by 5 oz "cups. In a 6-cup Chemex you can make up to 30 oz. In a 8-cup Chemex, up to 40 oz. European cup of coffee is usually around 4-5 oz. . Americans, 12-16 oz cup typically. I grind 24 grams of coffee & pour over about 12 oz. of water. The 6-cup Chemex is about right for two people. You only fill within the lower portion of the Chemex, the filter sets in the upper portion. Hope that helps.
Reply · Report · Elyn M on Jan 26, 2017
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Are there issues with brewing small batches on the larger units. i.e. 3 or 6 cups on the 10cup or 3cups on the 6cup? Mainly is the flavor of the brew going to have taste issues.
A shopper on Aug 16, 2017
Best Answer: I have used both for full and small batches. Never an issue. Just remember; good quality grounds, hot water and let it bloom....
Reply · Report · Cheryl P on Aug 21, 2017
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No where does it say how to brew. Do you boil water to put in it, just use warm water or a specific temperature?
Nancy H on Dec 7, 2016
Best Answer: Generally, you'll want a 16:1 ratio of water to coffee. The classic recipe for the 8-cup Chemex is 35 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee to 550 grams (1 gram=1ml) of water. If you want to learn more about brewing with a Chemex, check out these videos!

Hope this helps
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 8, 2016
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When you use a Chemex, how do you keep the coffee hot?
A shopper on Dec 6, 2015
Best Answer: You can put it on a glass stove top or low gas flame to keep warm. If you have a coil stove top you will need to purchase and extra accessory wire grid to protect it.
Reply · Report · Samantha BStaff on Dec 6, 2015
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You suggest trying different filters for a Chemex pour over. What filters are available?
A shopper on Oct 6, 2015
Best Answer: Depending on the size of your Chemex, there are different sizes that you can use. We carry Chemex branded filters:

However, you can also try out and experiment with other cone filters such as the Hario filters, depending on your preferences:
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Dec 9, 2015
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where they made in?
loke l on Sep 13, 2015
Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker
Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker
Chemex Pre-Folded Circle Filter
Chemex Pre-Folded Circle Filter
Chemex Handblown Glass Coffee Mug
Chemex Handblown Glass Coffee Mug
Chemex Glass Handle Series Coffeemaker
Chemex Glass Handle Series Coffeemaker
Chemex Handblown Cream & Sugar Set
Chemex Handblown Cream & Sugar Set
Best Answer: All of those items are manufactured in Massachusetts, USA.
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Oct 19, 2015
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How is the coffee made ?
A shopper on Aug 4, 2017
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Does the Chemex work with ground cacao beans like Choffy?
Raven B on May 20, 2016
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The pinnacle of coffee-making technologyReview by Josh
I've tried many different methods of making coffee - Aeropress, V60, drip, french press, keurig (ew), etc. - and nothing compares to the Chemex. It's so easy to make great coffee with it, and the design is beautiful. It feels sturdy, and the thick glass is also great for retaining heat. Extremely easy cleanup. I highly recommend the chemex for fruity, citrusy coffees, like your typical Ethiopian beans. It somehow brings out the flavors like no other pourover can. I've greatly varied grind size and water-bean ratios greatly and always still get fantastic coffee. Definitely worth the purchase. (Posted on 9/10/2015)
Worth it!Review by eloise5
As a Chemex user for over 40 years I didn't need convincing to choose Chemex, but I didn't think the 3 cup/16 oz. pot would ever suit me. But I bought one for my older son a couple years ago and he preferred it to his 8-cup Chemex. While in Europe he asked for more filters. I started looking for good deals and saw Seattle Coffee Gear's website. I actually bought another 3-cup coffeemaker for my second son just to get free shipping for the two boxes of filters I was buying. Son #2 loved the small Chemex also. While visiting him I tried it myself one morning when I didn't have time to make my usual 10 or 13 cups, and wow! It was so fast that it was still hot when I was done and it was delicious. My husband loved it too. I quickly ordered one for myself and travel with it now. In a motel you can microwave spring water (I use a Pyrex measuring cup) and brew coffee in the 3-cup pot and have perfect coffee! On our last trip we didn't even take our Keurig out of the car. (Posted on 2/25/2015)

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Warranty Information

What it Covers: Manufacturer's defects for Chemex Classic and Glass-Handles Coffee Makers

Length: 1 Year

Who Supports the Warranty: Chemex

Warranty Contact Information: 800.243.6399

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Care and Maintenance

Hand wash as needed with hot water and soap.

User Manual

Chemex Coffee Maker User Manual


Chemex Cold Brew

Compare: Chemex Filters vs. Hario 02 Filters

Chemex Cold Brew

Crew Review: Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

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