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Spyhouse Coffee Roasters hails from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Their biggest point of pride is the relationships that they build with their producers, distributors, and customers. These partnerships have resulted in a quality set of coffees that hits a wide range of flavor notes and profiles. Exciting single origins from a wide range of unique producers and carefully crafted blends are a recipe for success, and that's what Spyhouse has to offer. That success really does track back to that commitment to partnerships. By carefully curating a diverse set of partners and experienced, quality minded staff, Spyhouse has built something special. We're sure you'll love their coffee as much as we do!

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Spyhouse Coffee's signature blend, Orion, forms the backbone of their coffee offering. It's a clear coffee drinker's coffee, leaning into notes and presentation consistent with what you really want from a signature roast. We love this coffee's adaptable profile, perfect for brewing a lot of ways and with or without milk. This adaptability extends to their seasonal blends, and even to their decaf, which is delicious and approachable. This lineup offers the perfect entry point to the roaster's line of coffees, which also includes an excellent set of unique and tasty single origins. Don't wait to try these exceptional coffees!

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