Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaner

Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaner
Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaner
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  • Cleancaf can be used in home coffee machines and features a blue dye that will facilitate proper rinsing before your next use.
  • This product is non-toxic and odorless and includes three single use packets per box (each weighing 1/3 ounce).
  • We recommend a full cleansing of your machine every two to three months.
  • When Cleancaf is used regularly, it acts as a scale inhibitor, preventing scale build-up. Cleancaf thoroughly cleans your coffee maker, while Dezcal is formulated to descale your coffee maker or espresso machine.


For that pure, clean coffee flavor that tastes just like the day you brought your machine home, regular cleanings are in order. The Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaner from Urnex is just the cleanser you need to ensure that your home coffee maker works flawlessly. Even when using filtered water, your machine builds up mineral deposits that will eventually degrade its performance. Cleancaf's dual-action formula will dissolve those deposits, as well as the build up from natural coffee oils.


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As you probably know, cleaning the inner workings of your espresso or coffee maker is vital to a good cup. If you’ve noticed that your coffee machine is slow, inconsistent or if it produces a lesser quality cup than it did when it was brand-new, it’s time to consider some specialized coffee machine cleaning products. Urnex is the authority in the brewer cleaning world, producing cleaning powders, tablets and solutions under the names Urnex, Full Circle and Puro.

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  • Manufacturer: Urnex
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 3.375 inches
    • Height: 5.375 inches
    • Depth: 1.0 inch

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