Anchorhead Coffee - Sumatra Ketiara

Anchorhead Coffee - Sumatra Ketiara

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Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, Cream
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About Anchorhead Coffee - Sumatra Ketiara

Relish in the harmony of sweet chocolate and bitter cherry notes, softened by a silky cream finish. Its medium roast turns everyday sips into moments of delight.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 10 oz


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Maybe we’re a bit biased here at Seattle Coffee Gear, but we know that Seattle-based coffee roasters tend to deliver. That’s definitely the case with Anchorhead Coffee Company, which brews and bottles its premium-quality coffee by hand right outside Duvall, Washington. This award-winning coffee-maker is as beloved for its signature roasts as it is for its espresso. Swing by Seattle Coffee Gear to pick up all of your Anchorhead favorites, or something new!

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