Tony's Coffee - Crew Brew Blend

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Tony's Coffee - Crew Brew Blend

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Grape Jam, Nougat, Teamwork
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About Tony's Coffee - Crew Brew Blend

You love Tony’s, we love Tony’s, everyone loves Tony’s. And for good reason! This fan favorite roaster has been doing their thing for over 50 years, and they just get better over time. It’s why we wanted to partner with them for this very special SCG exclusive roast - dedicated to our hard working and coffee loving crew! This blend is a jammy, nougaty blend that is really easy to work with. From pour over, to drip, to espresso in a superauto or semi-auto, this coffee tastes great. It’s the perfect combination of approachable and flavorful that we’ve come to expect from Tony’s. Grab a bag today and try it for yourself!

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz


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Tony's Coffee

Looking for quality coffee with diverse appeal? Tony’s Coffee has the blends for you. Based in Bellingham, a quiet and coffee-crazy town just north of Seattle, Tony’s Coffee is much more than a local show. Tony’s Coffee sources beans from across the globe to craft exquisite blends as diverse as they are tasty. At Seattle Coffee Gear, we are proud to carry a number of these blends in our inventory.

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