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Dark Chocolate, Caramel
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About Boon Boona Coffee - Jebena Blend

It’s hard to find coffees roasted on the darker side that maintain the flavor of the beans themselves. That’s why we love Jebena. This medium-dark roast retains the rich, delicious flavors from the Ugandan and Ethiopian coffees it is comprised of while giving you that hint of bitterness that manifests as a dark chocolate kind of note. Sweet caramel is the other major flavor here, and we love this roast in bolder brew methods like drip brew, French press, or espresso.

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East Africa

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz


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Boon Boona Coffee

Boon Boona Coffee

Born from a desire to bring East African coffee traditions home, Boon Boona Coffee Roasters was founded by Efrem Fesaha after a visit to Eritrea in 2011. This roaster has developed a wonderful focus on sharing the unique coffee traditions of the East African region and supporting producers in the process. At home in Renton, WA Boon Boona seeks to create protective spaces for marginalized groups to foster a more inclusive and diverse coffee community. We're thrilled to bring this roaster's quality coffee and unique approach to roasting to the SCG catalog!

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