Onyx Coffee Lab - Cold Brew Blend

Onyx Coffee Lab - Cold Brew Blend

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Cocoa, Dates, Stone Fruit
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About Onyx Coffee Lab - Cold Brew Blend

When Onyx sets out to source and roast a coffee for a specific idea, we listen. This particular roast is low in acidity and high in sugar browning, the result is a roast that’s perfect for cold brew whether you drink it with or without milk added. With notes like cocoa, dates, stone fruit, and brown sugar, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with this delicious Summer treat. Obviously best enjoyed as a cold brew.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 10 oz

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Jon and Andrea Allen started Onyx Coffee Lab with a dream of serving black coffee that captured flavors of chocolate, cream, and sugar. The kind of coffee that even the newest drinker could enjoy without adding anything to the cup. That dream developed into Onyx Coffee Lab in 2012. With multiple locations around the state, Onyx offers a family oriented approach to roasting and brewing coffee that emphasizes quality and flavor. We're proud to bring you Onyx Coffee Lab.

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