Onyx Coffee Lab - Power Nap

Onyx Coffee Lab - Power Nap

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Brown Sugar, Peach, Silky
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About Onyx Coffee Lab - Power Nap

Onyx Coffee Lab is one of the more adventurous roasters we’ve been working with recently, and it shows in coffees like Power Nap. As half-calf coffees become more prominent at specialty roasters, you won’t want to miss Onyx’s entry to the field. Featuring 50% Ethiopia Worka and 50% Decaf Colombia Hulia, this roast is built from some fantastic parts. With notes like brown sugar, peach, and cocoa, this is a really great roast no matter how you brew it. On the lighter side of medium, it’ll work well as an espresso, pour over, drip brew, and more. You may lose some of this coffee’s complexity in a superauto, but it also might match your palate better than other half calf offerings.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 10 oz


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Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab

Jon and Andrea Allen started Onyx Coffee Lab with a dream of serving black coffee that captured flavors of chocolate, cream, and sugar. The kind of coffee that even the newest drinker could enjoy without adding anything to the cup. That dream developed into Onyx Coffee Lab in 2012. With multiple locations around the state, Onyx offers a family oriented approach to roasting and brewing coffee that emphasizes quality and flavor. We're proud to bring you Onyx Coffee Lab.

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