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Eureka Helios 80 Commercial Espresso Grinder

$1,599 Regular Price $1,599
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$1,599 Regular Price $1,599


Keep up on the busiest of morning rushes with the Eureka Helios 80 Espresso Grinder! Designed for the demands of high-volume coffeeshops, the Helios 80's outsized 80mm burrset and blazing fast speed make it the best option for on-demand espresso. The Helios' bright touchscreen offers barista-friendly controls for up to three programmable dosing options, user-set maintenance reminders, and quick access to shot counters. Other high-performance features include stepless grind adjustment, an adjustable dosing spout, and portafilter spotlights for accurate dosing. Choose the Helios 80 today for your high-traffic cafe. Note: The Helios' high speed design and torque-focused motor requires a 20a circuit.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner: Stepped grind adjustments and simple controls help anyone get grinding.

    Intermediate: Grinders offering accurate grind controls and programmable dosing for daily coffee drinkers.

    Expert: Stepless grind adjustments and pro-barista features make these the top of the line in coffee grinding.

    Commercial Use
  • Grinder Type

    Espresso: Designed for precision grinds at fine settings just for espresso.

    Coffee: Consistent at coarser grind settings for slow brew coffee methods (no unpressurized espresso baskets).

    Espresso and Coffee: Capable of consistent grinding in both espresso and slow brew ranges.

  • Grind Settings

    Stepped: Notched, labeled settings for easy adjustability and repeatability.

    Stepless: Precision stepless adjustment allows for micro-changes to grind size.

  • 80mm Burrs: Ultra-wide 80mm burrs and a large motor make the Helios 80 grind a double shot in under 3 seconds.
  • Stepless Grind Adjust: Quick, accurate grind adjustments are made easily with the top-mounted adjustment knob.
  • Touchscreen Control: A bright color touchscreen makes menu access a breeze.
  • Programmable Dosing -Set and save up to 3 grind times, or grind continuously, all on one screen.
  • Barista Ergonomics: Fun features like an adjustable and removable dosing spout, portafilter activation switch, and barista spotlights make the Helios a joy to use.
  • 20A Circuit: The high-torque motor and large burrs require a 20a circuit and 5-20P socket.
    • Pros
      • Speed Demon: 2.5-second doses are a wonder for high-traffic environments.
      • Grind Quality: More than just quick, the Helios 80 offers excellent grinds and results in-cup.
      • Touchscreen:
      • The updated touchscreen is responsive and detailed—plus you can change the theme settings to match the rest of your cafe build.
    • Cons
      • Too Fast: Making grind adjustments takes some getting used to, you have to move quick.
      • 20A Required: A required 20a circuit limits the Helios to dedicated plugs often only found in modern buildings.

About Eureka

Eureka’s selection of grinders offer superior performance and grind quality. Built by hand in Florence, Italy, Eureka’s home and commercial grinders bring phenomenal coffee to the comfort of your kitchen. Powerful burrs in a variety of sizes and configurations provide high quality grounds that will enhance your brewing on any machine. Discover a full catalog of Eureka brewers and step up your coffee game today.

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  • Manufacturer
  • Skill Level
    Commercial Use
  • Model Number
    Helios 80
  • Width
    8.5 inches
  • Depth
    10 inches
  • Height
    23.5 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Volts
    120 V
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
    2.5 Pounds
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepless - Infinite Settings
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Flat Steel
  • Burr Diameter
    80 mm
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic

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