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Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve

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Shake up your morning cup with the Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve. Designed to refine your grinder's grounds, the Shimmy sieves out all coffee particles smaller than 200 microns. Especially useful for coarse grind methods like French press or cold brew, the Shimmy helps clean up cups and even out extraction for when your grinder can't. Best of all, the Shimmy comes with an easily removable top and bottom that makes cleanup nearly instantaneous. Holds about 80 grams of coffee.

  • Coffee Sieve: A single 200-micron etched filter holds the grounds you need, while shaking out the microfines you don't want in your brew.
  • One Step: Designed for enhanced workflow, the Shimmy has a narrow, grippable shape and an integrated pour spout for quick dosing.
  • Easy Clean: The removable bottom doubles as a catch bin for fines. Remove all pieces and wipe clean before your next brew.

About Fellow

From the design of the Stagg EKG through their line of mugs and steepers, form meets function with Fellow. Thankfully, Fellow offers exceptional build quality and performance to match their aesthetic design. These amazing coffee products are also easy to use, making them a compelling option for the coffee enthusiast. Seattle Coffee Gear is happy to offer a great variety of Fellow coffee equipment for you to explore!

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  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Width
    3 inches
  • Depth
    2.5 inches
  • Height
    7.75 inches
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic
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