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George Howell Coffee - Alchemy Espresso

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If your morning espresso lacks depth of flavor and disappears into milk, Alchemy Espresso from the mythical George Howell Coffee Company is the missing magic in your espresso routine. Transmuting ingredients into gold, this seasonal espresso will see its core components change over time, but the result will the same—pure magic. For this darker roast espresso we taste chocolate, almond, and nougat. Brew it however you like, but we think it's great as espresso.

Roast Level
Crowd Pleaser
  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz
  • Seasonal Blend

Recommended Brew Methods

A 2:1 water-to-coffee ratio for your espresso shot is recommended. Using a scale to dial in your shots makes the process faster and more accurate. Your espresso grind should be very fine and powdery. Shots should take 30-40 seconds to brew and be thick and syrupy. Don’t stress, adjustments are always needed to get your shots pulling just right!

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Superautos make brewing espresso easy. All you need to do is add beans to the hopper and press a button to pull yourself a shot. If your shot is a bit sour you’ll want to dial the grinder a little bit finer and try again. If it’s bitter, dial it a little coarser. You can find instructions on how to do this for your machine in the manual. Just remember to avoid oily beans that can clog your superauto’s grinder!

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