Jura E8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine


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  • – Automatic Milk Frothing
  • – Pulse Extraction Process (PEP)
  • – Intelligent Water System (IWS)
  • – Easy Maintenance
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Free more time in your daily schedule with the Jura E8 superautomatic espresso machine. The E8 combines Jura's newest espresso brewing process with labor-saving features like automatic milk frothing, cleaning profiles, and a brand new smart water system that lets you know when it's time to swap out filters. With this new technology in place, you'll have to run less descaling cycles than other machines, which means more coffee and less work in your already busy day.

Features and Functionality

  • Intelligent Water System (IWS) - Jura's newest water filter, the IWS offers high-end water filtration with a built-in RFID chip that lets you know exactly when it needs replacing.
  • Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) - A proprietary take on espresso brewing, PEP regulates brew pressure and seeks to offer better crema and tastier shots.
  • Automatic Milk Frothing - The milk siphon offers automatic milk frothing with minor control over foam texture with the built-in dial.
  • Easy Care - Automatic rinse profiles and a milk system cleaning routine makes it extra easy to maintain your machine.
  • Programming Prowess - A bevy of programming options let you set grind, dose, temperature, volume and milk options.
  • Sweet Shot - Shots from the E8 and its big brother, the Z6 are truly phenomenal for a superauto.
  • Froth Control - Not only a one-touch machine, the E8 offers an adjustable dial to get your ideal milk foam.
  • Maintenance Magic - Jura is king of free-cleaning, and the E8's addition of the smart filter makes maintenance a snap to keep up with.
  • Shiny - Piano black is a dead giveaway, fingerprints galore.
How Does it Compare?

A replacement at a similar price point as the Jura C9, F7 or F8, The E8 offers additional new features like Jura's patented Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) and Intelligent Water System (IWS).


Model Number E8 Piano Black
Manufacturer Jura
Width 11 inches
Depth 17 inches
Height 13.5 inches; extra clearance required for bypass doser access
Watts 1450W
Volts 120V
Programmability Dose, Milk Foam, Milk Volume, Shot Time, Temperature
Case Material Plastic
Boiler Material Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum
Cup Clearance 2.5'' to 4.5''
Reservoir Size 2 L
Cup Warmer No
Warm Up: Brew Time 1:21
Boiler Design Thermoblock
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto Shut Off Yes
Auto On No
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
One-Touch Yes
Milk System Capuccinatore/siphon
Bean Hopper Capacity 12 ounces
Bypass Doser Yes
Material Plastic


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what are the differences between Jura J90 and Jura E8? Pros and cons of each?
A shopper on Jun 13, 2017
Jura E8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Jura E8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Jura J90 Superautomatic Espresso Machine - Silver
Jura J90 Superautomatic Espresso Machine - Silver
Best Answer: The E8 is one of Jura's newest designs, and features both their P.E.P (pulse extraction process) brew unit and the new Clearyl Smart filter. If you're only looking to set up a couple of everyday drinks, the E8 is a cheaper option with newer technology than the J90.

However, the J90 has a larger capacity, more drink options and a better menu control system (scroll wheel).
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jun 19, 2017
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How does it compare to the Z6? F8TFT?
Julie M on Feb 2, 2017
Best Answer: The E8 and Z6 are two of Jura's newest machines, both were released last year while the F8 is ~4 years old now I believe. Both the Z6 and E8 have Jura's new PEP brewing process, which modulates pressure in the brew chamber and does a really good job of fully extracting grounds. They also both have Jura's new Smart Filter, which packs in an RFID sensor that monitors shots and tells you exactly when they need to be changed. I'd say the E8 is the perfect choice for most, and the Z6 as a step up if you need user profiles and more programming (and a much nicer case!).
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Feb 3, 2017
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We are looking to replace our 10 year old Jura S9 that has served us well. I'm looking at the ENA Micro 90 and the E8 models. Two things stand out to me about the Micro 90 is the much lower water capacity but also the fact that it only can do a single shot versus the choice of single or double like the E8 and the S9 we are used to. Is it a big deal to get 2 shots of espresso out of the Micro 90 if we usually want double shots every time? Any other considerations between the two?
Steve B on Mar 21, 2017
Jura E8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Jura E8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Jura Ena Micro 90 Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Jura Ena Micro 90 Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Best Answer: I would definitely recommend the E8 over the Micro 90. \

The screen makes it much easier to navigate to drink selections, and the ability to brew double shots is very convenient, especially if you ever make mixed coffee drinks.

The E8 also uses Jura's new smart filter, which keeps track of when it needs changing.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Mar 27, 2017
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Where is the E8 manufactured?
A shopper on May 10, 2017
Best Answer: Portugal
Reply · Report · Gerald P on May 15, 2017
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Does it have a place for ground coffee?
Julie M on Feb 2, 2017
Best Answer: Yep! It has a bypass doser accessible from the top of the machine.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Feb 3, 2017
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Is milk temperature adjustable? If so, how?
A shopper on Jan 7, 2017
Best Answer: Nope! For milk temperature programming, you'd have to step up to the Z6.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jan 9, 2017
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How is the temperature of the milk?
A shopper on Dec 19, 2016
Best Answer: Jura's are well-known to have some of the hottest automatic milk of all superautomatic brands! That said, any automatic milk frother will still be a little cool, ~140º. For full control over milk temperature, I'd recommend a machine with a frothing wand.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 19, 2016
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How does this compare against the Impressa A9?
Pooneet on Dec 14, 2016
Best Answer: Both have similar features, with comparable drink menus. The main differences are:

The A9 is a touchscreen, while the E8 uses physical buttons
The A9's screen is on the top, while the E8 is on the front of the machine (a big deal if you want to use underneath a cabinet)

The E8 uses Jura's new smart filter, and automatically monitors when you'll need to change it out, while the A9 uses either the Clearyl Blue or White filter

The E8 uses Jura's new PEP extraction, which varies pump pressure when pulling an espresso shot.
Anecdotally, everyone here in the office really enjoys PEP shots off the E8 and Z6, and it seems to make more crema than non-PEP Juras.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 15, 2016
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How long the machine needs to heat up when you turn it on?
A shopper on Dec 12, 2016
Best Answer: Machines with thermoblocks are generally ready to brew almost instantly! We recommend giving it a few minutes (10 to 15) to warm up its surroundings, and to always run a rinse cycle beforehand to warm-up the brew spouts and group.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 13, 2016
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How do I make the regular coffee stronger?
A shopper on Jun 24, 2017
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Did not make the gradeReview by Gary
I really wanted to like this machine. It seems to be very popular. While not a true one touch, I found that with Jura's design it was very easy to clean and maintain. The on the fly adjustments were a breeze, as well as, other programming.

Here's the problem!

It makes a terrible cup of coffee and IMO , therefore, unusable via the coffee mode. Very bitter. I called SCG and spoke to a very helpful CS person who said that the way the coffee is made will produce a bitter cup every time. They said you really need to make an Americano for your "coffee". He also said to get the coffee hot that I would need to run a cycle on coffee using "one bean". This heated the machine and warmed my cup. I then used 2 shots espresso and then moved the cup over to the hot water dispenser and walla-- a hot Americano.

However, now if I make an americano, I then need to continuously remove the water wand and cappucinatore since they are both utilized from the same spout on the right.. Now, not so convenient and defeated the purpose of the entire reason I bought the superautomatic.machine. My wife complained that the americano was still bitter and I was using SCG recommended beans. Personally I lost patience as my 30 days was drawing near and did not experiment with settings and tweaks.

Finally when making an espresso, you can hear the pulsation mechanism, however, when making a milk drink I did not hear the pulse technology and therefore I am wondering if when using the cappucinatore that I was getting milk with "coffee" not espresso as the machine defaulted to 3 oz. of coffee for these drinks. This may explain the bitterness I was tasting for these drinks.

I did not try the Z9 as it has the same pulse technology, but the price was $3500. This machine however, has everything centralized in one location for espresso, milk, hot water. I suspect that this machine may work differently than the E8 since it appears that all drinks, milk or otherwise as dispensed from the same spout for the "shot" portion of the drink. I would need to check this out at my local retailer. If this is the case, then perhaps the machine and cups can be heated by dispensing hot water and not "one bean" strength. I would not min dhaving to heat the cup and produce hot coffee with hot water onl. Then this may be the better option and therefore, IMO you would need an E8 designed as the Z9 without the fancy rotatory electronics and the current price point of $1899 for this to be potentially a really good option.

Until then the search continues.

(Posted on 2/5/2017)
Nice, but Milk is too coldReview by G from Prosper
I like the unit and it makes good coffee; however, milk based drinks are not hot enough. The milk doesn't get hot enough and cools down the drink too much. (Posted on 12/5/2016)

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