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La Marzocco GB5 S AV Commercial Espresso Machine

As low as $20,890
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As low as $20,890


La Marzocco is in a league of its own when it comes to the functionality, style and available customization of its commercial machines. And the GB/5 is no exception. This well-designed commercial espresso machine produces high quality and consistent espresso. The GB/5 is the perfect size for a small to mid-sized cafe with light to moderate traffic.

  • Double Boiler: Eliminate inconsistency while also speeding things up with this double boiler machine, capable of extracting espresso and steaming milk at the same time with very little temperature variance.
  • Personal Preference: Select from a variety of models: automatic (AV), semi-automatic (EE), and mechanical paddle (MP).
  • Articulating Steam Wand: The steam wands on the GB/5 can easily be moved into multiple directions on its pivot base, which allows baristas to steam and froth milk to their preference.
  • Hot Water Dispenser: Make tea or hot cocoa on the fly with the GB/5's quick dispensing hot water nozzle.
  • Installed PID: The GB/5 features a PID for complete temperature control, making it even easier to customize your drinks for those customers with decisive palates.
  • Cup Warmer: The top of the GB/5 functions wonderfully as a cup warmer, drawing heat directly from the boilers to the stainless steel top.
  • Dual Steam Wands: We like to use these for latte art competitions around the office, but they also serve wonderfully in busy settings where multiple drinks need to be made at once.
  • Saturated Groups: With brew heads connected directly to the boiler, this feature will ensure thermal stability for every shot produced.
  • Direct Water Line: Once you get this machine all plumbed in, never worry about running out of water mid-shot with automatic refilling directly from your water line.
    • Pros
      • Professional Quality Espresso: The GB/5 is designed with consistency and quality in mind, as in order to keep the customers coming back for more, you have to make sure your coffee is top notch
      • High Capacity: Keep the long lines at bay with a machine capable of churning out shots faster than customers can order them
      • Perfect Steam: Lattes and cappuccinos have never been easier, as the steam functionality on the GB/5 is both fast and consistent
    • Cons
      • Difficult Setup: This, along with most commercial machines, is not something you just pull out of the box and are good to go. There is quite a bit of setting up, adjusting settings, getting the correct plumbing, etc. to consider before pulling your first shot

About La Marzocco

From top of the line home espresso machines to a wide range of commercial options, La Marzocco delivers. The Italian espresso authority was founded in 1927 in Florence, and has been a premier manufacturer of high-end espresso machines since the very beginning. Classic designs and construction meet incredibile innovations in espresso brewing to build a catalog of beloved machines.

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  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Manufacturer
    La Marzocco
  • Height
    22 inches
  • Width
    2 Grp: 30 inches | 3 Grp: 38 inches | 4 Grp: 47 inches
  • Depth
    25 inches
  • Watts
    2 Group: 4600W | 3 Group: 6100W | 4 Grp: 8000W
  • Volts
  • Boiler Volume
    2 Grp: 7 L Steam, 3.4 L Brew | 3 Grp: 11 L Steam, 5 L Brew | 4 Grp: 14.5 L Steam, 6.8 L Brew

Warranty Information

What it Covers: La Marzocco commercial espresso machines

Length: 13 months parts and labor

Warranty Point of Contact: Seattle Coffee Gear

Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email at service@seattlecoffeegear.com

Note: La Marzocco commercial espresso machines are covered by a limited commercial-class warranty, which includes parts only and assistance with coordinating on-site repair services. Self installation or improper water quality may void your commercial warranty. Please discuss with your commercial sales rep for more information.

Caring for the La Marzocco GB/5

For detailed care instructions, please refer to your machine's user manual. We recommend that you also incorporate the following into your cleaning routine:

  • Backflush daily if not twice daily under high volume.
  • Clean the brew gasket with a cleaning brush daily
  • Soap out the drip tray every few days
  • Clean the filter basket each week
  • Keep the steam wand clean; make sure to wipe it down after each use
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