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La Marzocco Shower Screen

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Keep your espresso tasting as fresh as the first day you made it on your La Marzocco machine. Doing a quick rinse through your grouphead and occasionally scrubbing it out with an espresso brush will help maintain longevity on small pieces like the shower screen, and ultimately allow everything to keep running smoothly. However, even with the high standard that La Marzocco upholds for their parts, over time those small pieces will wear down and need to be replaced. We suggest replacing your shower screen every one to two years to ensure there is minimal build-up of residue and clean water can consistently be pulled through your grounds. This shower screen is compatible with most La Marzocco machines including the Linea Mini and the GS3. Just make sure to grab a replacement shower screen screw to install your new shower screen!

About La Marzocco

From top of the line home espresso machines to a wide range of commercial options, La Marzocco delivers. The Italian espresso authority was founded in 1927 in Florence, and has been a premier manufacturer of high-end espresso machines since the very beginning. Classic designs and construction meet incredibile innovations in espresso brewing to build a catalog of beloved machines.

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