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Lavazza Gran Espresso Pods - 150ct

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Lavazza Gran Espresso Pods are a blend of South American beans combined with fragrant Asian varieties and intense coffees from the African highlands. Individually wrapped to insure maximum freshness. Lavazza Gran Espresso Pods provide high quality espresso in a convenient easy to use pod. Compatible with all machines designed to accept E.S.E style coffee pods.

  • 150 individually wrapped espresso pods
  • E.S.E style pods
  • Not for use in single cup coffee makers such as Senseo, Phillips, or Melitta
  • Imported from Italy
Roast Level
Crowd Pleaser

Multi-Region (Varies)

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  • Coffee Type: ESE Pod
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Recommended Brew Methods

A 2:1 water-to-coffee ratio for your espresso shot is recommended. Using a scale to dial in your shots makes the process faster and more accurate. Your espresso grind should be very fine and powdery. Shots should take 30-40 seconds to brew and be thick and syrupy. Don’t stress, adjustments are always needed to get your shots pulling just right!

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About The Roaster

Imported From Italy

You probably instantly recognize Lavazza, since it’s one of the world’s biggest and most beloved coffee roasters. But did you know that Lavazza is also one of the oldest coffee roasters, too? It was founded in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza and is still administered by the Lavazza family today. That means they’ve had over 100 years to perfect their craft!

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