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Miscela d'Oro Double-Shot Espresso Pods - 100 ct

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Some afternoons just call for an extra shot of espresso. These pods contain 13 grams of espresso, meticulously crafted to sustain a balanced profile alongside its dense and rich crema. The balanced blend and velvety crema that characterize Miscela d'Oro's Double-Shot ESE Pods would easily invigorate you to join the crowd in Messina's traditional Ride of the Giants parade.

These double-shot espresso pods will only work in commercial espresso machines designed for double (13-14g) paper pods.

  • Central-, South American, and Asian varietals
  • 100 ESE Pods
  • Imported from Italy
Roast Level
Crowd Pleaser

Multi-Region (Varies)

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  • Coffee Type: ESE Pod
  • Product Size: 13 grams

Recommended Brew Methods

A 2:1 water-to-coffee ratio for your espresso shot is recommended. Using a scale to dial in your shots makes the process faster and more accurate. Your espresso grind should be very fine and powdery. Shots should take 30-40 seconds to brew and be thick and syrupy. Don’t stress, adjustments are always needed to get your shots pulling just right!

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About The Roaster

Imported From Italy

Whether you're looking for pre-ground or whole bean coffee, Miscela d'Oro has a roast for you. With pre-ground blends perfect for espresso and for drip/moka pot, this roaster has classic Italian flavors ready for your tastebuds! Italian Espresso typically features darker, sweeter notes, and Miscela d'Oro is no exception. With delicious, if predictable roast profiles that will please fans of darker roasts, these coffees are the perfect pair for your new espresso machine.

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