NotNeutral Vero Demitasse Glass

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Detailed for precision to showcase your carefully crafted espresso, the NotNeutral Vero Demitasse is the perfect complimentary piece to mark the complex flavors in your coffee. Demitasse–meaning "Half-Cup" in French–is made to hold between 2 and 3 ounces (or up to 90 mL) of espresso; but the qualities that make these glasses unique are in its finer details. NotNeutral's Vero Demitasse glasses are primed for a high quality pour with their sloped inner curve, designed without any harsh edges to foster a silky diffusing flow. Made with thick durable glass so that users can get an eyeful of the theatrics inside, while protecting their hands from the high temperatures which are kept insulated therein. Reveal the underside of the iceberg in your coffee pour with the NotNeutral Vero Demitasse.

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Features and Functionality

  • Durable - While they might take on a chip or two, these glasses shouldn't fully shatter when dropped.
  • Grippy walls - Everything about this glass has been fine tuned for quality, including its conveniently grippy exterior.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe - Heat that tanker up–she can handle it!
  • Round edges - Shaped for good mouth feels and a quality pour.

Great design - Who knew the classic 'cup' model could be improved upon by so much?!

Made to last - This is an investment you can hang on to for a good while.


Expensive - Most cups are kinda just cups... so, the cost on these mugs might be a little surprising at first glance.


Width 2.5 inches
Height 2.5 inches
Size 3 oz
Material Glass
Manufacturer NotNeutral




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