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  • – Stainless Steel Case
  • – Automatic Shot Controls
  • – Hot Water Wand
  • – Optional Case Lighting
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The Nuova Simonelli Musica is a beautifully designed stainless steel machine that harbors professional functionality combined with an easy-to-use button interface. As for its espresso-making qualities, a programmed pre-infusion system gets a full extraction from your grind and brews consistent espresso shots every time. The steam wand on this machine is one of the best we've ever seen, featuring an easy to use lever that opens up a high-pressure steam flow so you can master both lattes and cappuccinos.

Features and Functionality

  • Heat Exchanger - The Musica uses heat exchanger functionality, which ensures that each espresso shot is brewed at a consistent temperature to give you the best tasting shot possible.
  • Beautiful Interface - The Musica's interface displays beautiful back lit programmable buttons. With intuitive functionality, you aren't left guessing what buttons brew and which knobs steam.
  • Professional Portafilter - This machine uses a high quality and durable 58mm portafilter.
  • Great Steam Pressure - High pressure steam gives you the option to froth your milk almost any way you like.
  • Cup Warmer - The top of this machine functions perfectly as a cup warmer, with about enough space to hold nine shot glasses cappuccino cups.
  • Sturdy Construction - Wonderfully designed stainless steel body with professional internal parts.
  • Excellent Shots - Once you tweak the machine to your liking, it will make drinks just how you want them every time with little to no variation from the settings you have chosen.
  • Aesthetics - The Musica has a practically all stainless-steel construction, which looks great on any counter.
  • Steam Performance - This machine will have your milk hot and frothed in no time. The actual knob to turn on the steam wand is one of our new favorites. It features a simple slide up and down, which opens up the valve.
  • Large Size - The size of this machine is quite large, so you'll need to measure the space in your kitchen.
  • Water Reservoir Design - Some users may not like the water reservoir design. The water spigot tends to spray everywhere.
How Does it Compare?

An SCG Crew favorite, the Musica stacks up favorably against any espresso machine out there. And you can't diss the disco lights!

Tips and Tricks
  • This unit can be used as an automatic and a semi-automatic.
  • The Musica also includes a vibratory pump. To prevent damage on plumbed models, a regulator on the water line is recommended.


Manufacturer Nuova Simonelli
Width 12.75 inches
Depth 16.0 inches
Height 16.75 inches
Watts 1200W
Volts 110V
Programmability Shot Time
Case Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Material Brass/Copper
Cup Clearance 3.5 inches
Boiler Volume 2 liter
Reservoir Size 3 liter
Solenoid Valve Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Portafilter Size 58mm
Available Portafilters Bottomless, Non-Pressurized
Warm Up: Brew Time 25 minutes
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger
NSF Certified Yes
Pod Friendly Yes - with adaptation
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto Shut Off No
Auto On No
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
Material Stainless Steel


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Can we descale the machine and if this machine able to descale how we can?
aghil on Oct 4, 2015
Best Answer: Unfortunately, the manufacturer Nuova Simonelli does not recommend descaling the machine. Instead, it's important to focus on how soft your water is that you're putting into the machine, and make sure that with testing, it's 1-3 GPG in hardness. This will limit how much scale accumulates in the machine, so that you will have to have a professional tune-up much less frequently.

In a professional tune-up, they will remove the whole boiler from the machine, and descale the components necessary such as the heating element, fill probes and fittings. Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Oct 5, 2015
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How does this compare to the Rock et Espresso Cellini Premium Plus V2?
A shopper on Jan 29, 2014
Best Answer: Both of these machines are heat exchangers that offer the ability to brew and steam at the same time, and the Premium Plus Rocket and the Musica are tank machines. The biggest difference between the two is that the Musica offers programming for your single and double shots, while the Rocket uses a lever for brewing. We did a video going over the differences between the Giotto Rocket and the Musica for reference, and I would just say to keep in mind that the Cellini refers only to the flat sided body, while the Giotto is a flared sided body. The video is here:

Take a look and let us know if you have any other questions!
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jan 29, 2014
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saw the video, location of reservoir tank is well noted.

question remains about weight of machine. I'll need to pull out from under a cabinet to refill. Possible?

Gone through many Krups machines and Cuisinart machines. Time to move up.....
judgejon on Jul 22, 2013
Best Answer: It is not possible to pull out the machine if the rubber feet are in contact with any kitchen counter. One alternative, I suggest, is to place a plastic tray under the machine. You may even want to install some slider disks that you can buy from the Home Depots so that person with less mussel power will be able to move it.
One thing I need to caution you. If you live in an area which will have earthquake, I do not recommend placing this machine on a tray or any slider disk as it will fly out during a sever earthquake. Unless you tie it down with Velcro or other anchor devices. It is complicated, if you do not know what you are doing, please stay away from this practice.
I hope this helps.
Reply · Report · Tang Fung C on Jul 23, 2013
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Does the gauge only show boiler pressure? Do you find not having a brew pressure gauge an issue?
vinny p on May 13, 2013
Best Answer: Yes, the gauge only shows the boiler pressure... Never been an issue for me - for the most part the machine has plenty of pressure to run the steamer at the same time you're drawing a shot. Really a great machine - simple to use and consistent in its ability to draw quality shots with good consistency. I would highly recommend to anybody who doesn't want to "micro-manage" their machine to get good results.
Reply · Report · Ken R on May 13, 2013
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Is this a good machine? What are negatives about this machine?
A shopper on Jun 5, 2013
Best Answer: Honestly, I can't name anything terribly specific as a negative... The machine is very simple and user friendly. If you have a good grinder with a consistent grind using this machine becomes almost automatic.

The water tank is decent size - sure, I guess it could always be bigger. I have the unit on the counter under a cabinet, so to refill the tank you have to pull the unit forward to get the tank out.

The front of the unit does take some cleaning to keep it looking nice, but that's par for the course with this type of units.

Really, the unit is so great. The boiler is plentiful - I love being able to draw a shot and steam at the same time with tons of steam. The recovery time is very quick - great if you're entertaining - you can keep going with drink after drink with no down time.

For any potential buyer who is looking for an easy to live with machine I would say the Musica should be at the top of your list - no reservations.
Reply · Report · Ken R on Jun 15, 2013
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Can you leave the machine on if you use it everyday , just like a commercial one ?
Jared S on Nov 26, 2013
Best Answer: I did leave it on all day long and it is not a problem. However, you may want to consider the cost of electricity because the cup warmer is on as well.
Reply · Report · Tang Fung C on Nov 27, 2013
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Does the machine take the ILLY ESE pods (not the capsules)? Or can the machine be modified to take the ILLY ESE pods? Thanks
Norman F on Jul 13, 2015
Best Answer: No. If you want a machine that does pods, take a look at the Saeco Via Venezia or Saeco Aroma. Most machines that do pods are going to be on the low end of things.
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Aug 3, 2015
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can I leave the musica switched on for a long period? such like weeks? or months?
a f on Jan 4, 2014
Best Answer: To be honest with you, I do not know. The longest time I left the machine on is a little more than 1/2 day. Even though it is a NSF machine (Commercial grade) Best, please check with the manufacturer to see what is their recommendation. or email SCG and have them to contact the company for such information.
Reply · Report · Tang Fung C on Jan 6, 2014
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I can't tell if the model on this page is pour over or direct connect? Or are both the options available in this model?
Vikas M on Aug 21, 2017
Best Answer: Hello! This is the reservoir/pour over version. For the plumbed version, check here:
Reply (1) · Report · Joshua SStaff on Aug 21, 2017
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Is this machine a pump-driven or steam-driven?
Allison D on Dec 1, 2015
Best Answer: Pump
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Dec 7, 2015
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Can I shorten the machine for cabinet clearance?
David G on Feb 5, 2015
Best Answer: While you could remove the feet so that the machine just rests on the base plate, there will be some screws/bolts that are on the bottom, so you might damage your countertop by moving/wiggling it into place. There is not a way to remove or change the overall height besides taking off the feet.
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Feb 8, 2015
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The water coming from my Nuova Simonelli Musica hot water dispenser sputters out, rather than flowing. Is that normal, or should it flow smoothly? And if the later, what am I doing wrong?
A shopper on Jan 25, 2015
Best Answer: It will definitely sputter. The water that comes out of the hot water outlet is coming from the main portion of the boiler, where the steam is stored, so the water is heated above boiling to create that steam pressure. Since the water comes from this area, it is a combination of water and steam, which is why it sputters for you. You'll probably notice that the longer that you pull water from the hot water outlet, the smoother it will get, as new water is being pulled into the boiler, and this is cooling the overall temperature of the water in the boiler, so if you're pulling a larger volume of water, it will smooth out towards the end.
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jan 28, 2015
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Could this be used for commercial use in a small cafe? How many cups could it make in one day?
Sarah B on Jan 13, 2015
Best Answer: It definitely depends on the demand that you'll have. If it will be making up to approximately 25-30 drinks in a day, then it would be great for that situation. However, if you're making more drinks, or need a quick turnaround, you may want to look into a larger machine like the Nuova Simonelli Appia (even if it too is a one group machine) because it will have a larger boiler that can handle more demand. Give our commercial sales a call, and we can find just the right solution for your situation!
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jan 13, 2015
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I noticed the the Musica has a 25 minute warm up time.
Is this an accurate time rating?
Is it possible to install a timer to turn the machine on in the morning or will the on/off circuitry not allow this?
Comparing this machine to a Pasquina Livea G-4 w/pid, automatic. 15 minute warm up time.
Any thoughts on why the Musica would be a better machine?
Thanks in advance for your comments.
Don D on Jan 5, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, we recommend allowing the machine to heat up for about 30 minutes. While the machine will be heated to steam and brew temp much quicker, there are a lot of other components that also need to absorb heat off of the boiler, such as the brew head and portafilter, so that the temperature of your shots don't drastically cool as the water passes through. You could certainly brew before that time, but you may find inconsistencies with the shot flavor as the machine continues to warm until it's fully heated.

Yes, you could certainly put the machine on a heavy-duty wall outlet timer, so that it will begin heating in time to be ready when you are in the morning. Or, alternatively, you could leave it on all day/night without any harm to the machine.

Unfortunately, we do not carry the G-4, so I am unable to compare it for you, although I believe that ideally, that machine will also need approximately 30 minutes to have all of the components fully heated too.

This machine offers a lot of power both in being able to brew shots back to back, and it has a large amount of steam pressure for milk. It also offers programming based on volume, so you can set exactly how much water you would like it to brew every time. Depending on if you need the machine to be the water tank version, or plumbed, you can choose that option when you buy it!
Reply (1) · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jan 6, 2015
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Would it be necessary to purchase the warranty? And so, what does the warranty cover? I live in California and if the machine malfunction for any reason how is it cover ? Thanks!
Johnny V on Oct 8, 2014
Best Answer: Purchasing an extended warranty is completely your decision. The warranty covers defects that might occur under normal use conditions, and does not cover regular maintenance. If you live out of state, you would be responsible for shipping the machine here, and we would cover parts and labor plus return shipping on warranty issues. Click on the Resources tab for more information about warranty, and I have also pasted a link plus more details below.

Warranty Information for the Nuova Simonelli Musica
What it Covers:
Nuova Simonelli espresso machines and grinders
- 2 Year (Parts and labor on all home espresso machines and grinders)
- 2 Year (Parts limited warranty for all commercial machines and grinders)
- 1 Year (Standard SCG labor warranty for all commercial machines and grinders)
- Variable (See below)
Who Supports the Warranty:Seattle Coffee Gear
Warranty Contact Information:866-372-4734 or email us at
Commercial class espresso machines have several different service plans available from which you may select during order placement. Please speak with your commercial sales rep for details on coverage duration, service level and individual policies.
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty?Yes (Oscar and Musica models only).
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Oct 8, 2014
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Would this pair with a Rancilio Rocky grinder? If not what would be a good grinder to pair with this machine.

A shopper on Mar 7, 2014
Best Answer: Yes, you can certainly get good results from this Musica pairing it with the Rocky. If you'd like some additional grind settings, you could also look at the Baratza Vario or even up to a step less grinder like the Mazzers for some additional options.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Mar 9, 2014
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Does the Lux have a PID?
A shopper on Jan 15, 2014
Best Answer: No, the Muscia Lux does not have a PID, nor does the regular black version.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jan 15, 2014
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After watching the demo video I was not sure about the steam wand. Is it on-off or is there a variable ability to be able to go from strong to slow?
Dougy on Nov 20, 2017
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
What is the highest temperature You can go for a shot of espresso?
Heitor O on Jan 10, 2017
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Nice unit, upgrade over Rancilio S1Review by snob sommelier
I have owned the Nuova Simonelli Musica Lux for 2 months, so time for a review. I use the Musica every day.

For context, my previous machine was a Rancilio S1...nice machine too, used daily for 13 years. I owned a Gaggia Espresso before that.

Nuova Simonelli Musica is best at:: espresso production, steaming milk, and smaller counter size meets high end operation.
- The programmed double shot espresso setting is excellent, and I found it very easy to dial in a grind to match (with a Rancilio Rocky).
- The hot water delivery is very "spitty", loud and a bit annoying but not a deal killer. Honestly it's surprising given how nicely everything else works on the Musica. If you make lattes and cappuccinos all day you'll never notice. My wife strongly dislikes it.

Rancilio S1 is best at: hot water delivery, roomy top rack for cups, nice espresso production.
- Manual machine that produces excellent espresso.
- Hot water delivery for Americanos and tea is excellent.
- Milk steaming is good, not great. My S1 was built circa 2000 so maybe Rancilio has improved the design over the years. Again, very functional but not great.
- Big machine, bigger than most ktichen cabinet clearance. Perfect for small business applications like a bakery or catering since it's 110V.

(Posted on 8/4/2015)
Solid, not a bad machine, but better choices out thereReview by Ken
I bought one of these machines about 9 months ago to have as a spare and also for the occasional need to have a portable machine I could take other places. It certainly works OK for those uses and for those who are not used to a really top shelf machine it will seem oh so much better than much cheaper single boiler and capsule/superauto machines.

What this is is basically an Oscar with a false pressure valve, a few programmable choices and a much more presentable and solid case. But it is basically an Oscar, which is a not-bad, entry-level, heat exchanger machine.

I have no problem with HX machines having used them for a couple of decades, especially Cimbalis (which are considerably more solid, more heat stable, and better constructed than an Oscar or Musica) and this machine certainly surpasses the minimum level necessary for someone who knows what he or she is doing to pull decent shots.

But is it worth $2000 plus? No, it is not, in my humble opinion. There are better choices and for little more you can get a very good high end home ("prosumer, " how I hate that term) dual boiler machine, something I'd much rather use than this product. (Posted on 6/22/2015)
Best Purchase Ever!!Review by G H
Great Quality, Looks sexy as heck! Makes a great espresso shot every time. Excellent quality for the money. Would not trade it in for anything. (Posted on 12/6/2014)
Highlight of my morningReview by bjo
Perfect latte every morning, no matter how tired I am. Using Lavazza super crema, I set up a program to brew the perfect cup everytime. So good that I stopped using a sprinkle of sugar on top. And so good that I am often disappointed when I get a latte at a coffee shop. Saving me money though, because I take my own from home now instead of buying out. Had a problem with the pressure value gasket and (after the hassle and cost of return shipping) had a super positive experience with Seattle Coffee replacing the gasket and return shipping promptly. Then my mornings were filled with Musica again. Happy with the Ranchillio grinder Seattle Coffee recommended as well, esp since my husband brews drip occasionally and can easily change the grind. Thanks Seattle Coffee for the demo video that sold me on this morning miracle machine. (Posted on 7/28/2013)
An upgrade from SuperautomaticReview by TC
Overall design:
I brought the Lux version. The overall "look" stands out from the rest of machines in the similar price range. All the knobs and switches are intuitive. The electrical switches on top are well designed and protected with a soft touch glossy pad. The power on/off rocker switches are all hidden. Once the power switch is on, you will see the machine "on/off" switch light start flashing. It tells you the machine has power but it is not on. After the on/off switch is pressed for a few seconds, then the entire panel is all lighted up to tell you the machine is on. The casing has polished stainless steel finish. The drip tray is made of stainless steel heavy gauge wire grid similar to the commercial soda fountain drip tray. The bottom is of heavy gauge plastic. Cleaning is reasonable easy. The portafilters (a single and a double ) are heavy and with a nice polished chrome finish.

Cleaning: very easy. Just run some water right after every shot by pressing the manual shot switch, then wipe with a soft towel. I've checked this method of cleaning after one week of use by removing the splash screen under the group head, and found the group head is quite clean. For the steam wand, I recommend to clean with a towel that was wet with cold water. As the steam wand is very, very hot. It will burn you if you do not use cold water towel. I also recommend to remove the stainless steel filter from the portafilter handle to remove all the oil that can trap inside the portafilter.

Function: (I am a very busy person and I do want everything quick!)
This machine takes about 5-6 minutes to warm up and ready for the first shot. There are two ways you can find out if the machine is ready. First, you will hear a click on/off sound from the valve, and the second is by looking at the pressure gauge. By the time, I put the toast in the toaster and finished the grind, usually the machine is ready for the shot. One very good feature about this machine is the ability to do automatic dosing. ( Remember I want everything quick.) I do not have to baby sit the machine as with other manual machines. Once the shot begins, I can go get the milk and start the steaming process. The steam is powerful and it is "HOT". It does heat up the milk very quickly. By the time, I finish the steaming, coffee is ready done, my toasts are ready done waiting for me. Then, breakfast is ready.

Learning curve (!) : Remember I never make coffee like this before.
Thanks to the videos from Seattle Coffee Gear, I am able to make a decent shot within 5 tries (I also brought a grinder from Seattle Coffee Gear). Plus, this is a semi-automatic machine, and I do not have to guess how much water I need to run thru the coffee. (I do not have time for that). I just use the milk to adjust for the strength of the coffee.

Other things you also want to know:
1, The steam wand is very, very hot, and the black rubber insulator is very skinny. Therefore, never touch the steam wand even with the rubber insulator on the machine. You will get burn!
2, This machine is made in Italy, and there are a lot of spell mistakes thru out the instructions and on the machine.
3, If you are picky with product finishes, you will notice a slight warping with the stainless steel drip tray. It is due to the numerous welding made to this wire mesh. It is not a function problem but the company can do a little more QC to correct this welding shrinkage issue.

All and all it is a very easy to use machines, very easy to clean, and it is not an industrial looking machine in my kitchen. (Posted on 5/12/2013)
GreatReview by Chucko
This is a fantastic machine in every way. (Posted on 5/2/2013)

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Warranty Information

What it Covers: Nuova Simonelli espresso machines and grinders

Length: Home Use: 1 year parts and labor (Musica, Oscar, Grinta & MCI), Commercial Equipment: 2 year parts, 3 months labor (can be extended to one year with Gold Plan)

Who Supports the Warranty: Seattle Coffee Gear, Extended Gold Plan supported by Nuova Simonelli

Warranty Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email us at

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes, home machines

Can SCG Repair? Yes, read more about our repair services

Care and Maintenance

  • Soap out water tank (if applicable) and drip tray every few days.
  • Backflush the brewhead every couple weeks to ensure the best tasting espresso.

User Manual


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Nuova Simonelli Musica vs Pasquini Livia 90

Nuova Simonelli Musica with E.S.E. Pod Adapter


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