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Nuova Simonelli RSCF 124 Water Softening Cartridge

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Nuova Simonelli RSCF 124 Water Softening Cartridge

Connect the Nuova Simonelli RSCF 124 Water Softening Cartridge with the VH3 Cartridge Head for easy access to clean and filtered water. Nuova Simonelli's filters use activated carbon to reduce exposure to chlorine and sedimentation in your coffee. This filter also uses a strong-acid ion-exchange resin to prevent scale from forming on your machine boilers. Without these kinds of precautions, you could end up taking your espresso machine in for maintenance on a regular basis, and would likely spend more money over time just from having it professionally cleaned. But Nuova Simonelli makes overall maintenance on this filter system pretty easy. You should only need to replace your water filter once a year, and the VH3 Cartridge Head is designed with valve-in-head technology so that your water pressure will immediately switch off when you start twisting the filter out for removal. The RSCF 124 Water Softening Cartridge will work through 1,100 grains per gallon, and will provide a working water flow of 0.5 gallons per minute. Keep your flavors at their best with clean and well-prepped water!

  • VH3 Head: Make sure you have the right cartridge head! This filter connects with the Nuova Simonelli VH3 Cartridge Head, and does not require activation for use.
  • Easy-off water valve: This valve-in-head design will cut off water flow immediately when you go to twist this cartridge out for removal.
  • 3/8" FNPT connection: Will connect to your existing plumbing lines using a 3/8" FNPT horizontal inlet and outlet port.
  • Service flow rate of 0.5 GPM: Flow rate produces half a gallon of water per minute.
  • 1,100 grain capacity: Filter will catch 1,100 grains from each gallon of water!
  • Max operating pressure of 125 PSI: Able to withstand water pressures up to 125 pounds per square inch.
  • Model Number
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Manufacturer
    Nuova Simonelli
  • Height
    19.90 inches
  • Width
    4.00 inches

What it Covers: Nuova Simonelli espresso machines and grinders

Length: Home Use: 1 year parts and labor (Musica, Oscar, Grinta & MCI), Commercial Equipment: 2 year parts, 3 months labor (can be extended to one year with Gold Plan)

Who Supports the Warranty: Seattle Coffee Gear, Extended Gold Plan supported by Nuova Simonelli

Warranty Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email us at warranty@seattlecoffeegear.com

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes, home machines

Can SCG Repair? Yes, read more about our repair services

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