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Frequently Asked Questions ☕

How fresh is your coffee?

When your coffee is powered by Beanz, your coffee is roasted once you place your order, and not a moment sooner. This guarantees freshness upon arrival. You can review the “Roasted On” date on the bottom, side or back of the bag. Coffee tastes best when consumed around a month from the “roasted on” date. Don’t let the label jargon fool you, “good till” or “best by” dates is not the same as “roasted on”, and should be your guidepost for freshness.

What’s the deal with espresso roasts, anyway?

Roasting coffee is a fine art, and some roasts are best suited for an espresso extraction. We label roasts that will be best brewed with this method and have a category filtered for easy selection HERE. We also have a blog article explaining what this all means if you would like to read more.

Do you sell ground coffee? Can I get my beans ground for me?

Our powered by roasts are currently only available in whole bean.

How can I tell if a coffee is superauto friendly?

We do our best to label each roast if it is superauto friendly, and we have a filtered category HERE with our picks! Ideally it's best to look for medium roasted specialty blends to keep your superauto espresso machine grinder happy.

What happens if an item is no longer available or the price has changed?

Coffee is seasonal, just like your grocery store watermelon or garden blueberries. Some of our selection will periodically go out of stock when the roaster runs out of the seasonal offering available to them. Select a “like” coffee in the interim or give our coffee experts a call to get their recommendation if you can’t quite make up your mind.

Why can’t I subscribe to certain items?

We currently don’t offer subscriptions to coffee roasts, but please stay tuned!

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card is charged when you place your order with us.

Why didn’t I receive my order?

Verify your credit card on file has not expired. In the rare event your order was lost in transit a new order will be dispatched to you. Please contact us to initiate the replacement coffee.

What shipping method do you use?

Our standard shipping method is USPS Priority Mail which ensures reliable and consistent service for our customers.

What's your order cancellation and return policy?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer order cancellations after you’ve placed your order, and are unable to accept returns on consumable products. We work very quickly with our roasters to deliver you the freshest coffee possible. At the time of your order we alert the roaster immediately, and they get to work and the process begins! Due to quality control and food safety issues, we are unable to accept returns on any consumable items including but not limited to coffee. Even if these items are still sealed, we cannot assume they are tamper-free once they are out of our hands.

What is™

A creation of Breville, the Australian coffee equipment manufacturer,™ is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that connects coffee enthusiasts with top specialty coffee roasters. This platform offers a diverse selection of hundreds of coffee bean options, including beans, blends, and roast profiles, thanks to collaborations with nearly 50 North American specialty coffee roasters. With a commitment to delivering freshness, quality, and access to knowledgeable roasters,™ aims to make specialty coffee accessible to all, catering to those seeking a unique coffee experience or cafe-quality brews at home.