Ascaso Espresso Machine Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Ascaso Espresso Machines combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology to bring you espresso machines that delivers exceptional performance and stunning design. This user manual is designed to acquaint you with the operation, maintenance, and care of your espresso machine, ensuring you enjoy the finest coffee experiences for years to come.

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Thank you very much for purchasing an Ascaso product. This machine
makes the best espresso coffee and delicious cappuccinos.
Your coffee machine has been designed and built using the latest technological
computing and engineering innovations. It is therefore a high-quality,
safe and reliable produc


1. Check that the electrical voltage is the same as the voltage showed on the machine’s specifications label.

2. Fill the reservoir with fresh water (see picture 1). Check that the water intake tube is immersed in the reservoir. Using low mineral water is highly recommended. Quality of water affects the taste and quality of the coffee, in addition to prevent future breakdowns. Consult us about optional our filters (decaling treatment).

3. Plug it into the mains. A) The machine is being used for the first time or has not been used for some time. Change the water in the boiler and circuit

1. Connect the coffee machine with switch 0/1

2. Put the filter holder 7 without coffee into position and a recipient below.

3. Turn on the coffee switch 2 and run approximately half a reservoir. Attention! Check that the reservoir has water enough. If the coffee machine is used without water, the pump may be damaged


Change the water in the boiler and circuit.

• If coffee does not come out, when the machine has not been used for some time.

• lE after producing steam

• If there is no water in the reservoir, the following procedure should be performed:

1. Turn on the steam tap with the coffee machine switched on.

2. Turn on the coffee switch and allow the water to come out (one cup) through the steam tube.

3. Switch off the coffee function and turn off the steam tap.

4. The coffee machine is now ready for use. Any type of coffee may be used, ground or pod, thanks to the 5 filters supplied: 2 ground filters (1- and 2-cup), 2 pressurised filters (1- and 2-cup Cream+) and 1 pod filter.

For optimal results, we advise using ready mixes for espressos, as they have the appropriate ground size for use with ground filters. If the results are not as expected, use pressurised filters, which will give good results regardless of ground size. Regardless of the type of filter used for ground coffee, and depending on the whether the coffee comes out quickly or slowly, we recommend changing the type of coffee, the ground size or experimenting with compactness to suit your preference.


Founded in 1962 by Jesus Ascaso, Ascaso has garnered acclaim for their high-performing espresso hardware. Combining retro style with functional engineering, Ascaso espresso machines optimize all aspects of production to craft great-tasting espresso in a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for a genuine Spanish espresso maker, Ascaso is a great choice. Check out our line of Ascaso espresso machines here at Seattle Coffee Gear Today!

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