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The Baratza ESATTO is a precision, weighing accessory that is designed specifically for use with your Baratza Maestro Plus, Virtuoso or Preciso or Encore grinders. This innovative addition to your grinder will allow you to grind precise dosages of coffee using real-time weight-based control. With its easy assembly and simple operation, you will be automatically dosing ground coffee to within + / - 0.15 gram repeatedly.


  1. Remove the grounds bin from the unit and set aside.
  2. Remove the single Phillips head screw from the center rear of the rear metal casting cover and slide the rear casting rearward 1cm to remove it. (see photo #1).
  3. You must remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the grinder. Use a pair of side cutters or a butter knife to pry the feet out. (See photo #2).
  4. Coil the cord into the hole in the bottom of the grinder, about 1/3 will fit. (see photo #3).
  5. Remove the grounds bin from the grinder and slide the grinder carefully into the ESATTOfrom the rear going forward until the grinder fits tightly against the front casting. (See photos #4 & #5).
  6. Once the grinder is in place, plug the grinder cord into the AC receptacle inside the base of the ESATTO, and coil the remaining cord in the space under and behind the grinder. (see photo #6).
  7. Slide the cast metal cover into place from the rear, taking care to see that the front “fingers” lock into correct position. (see photo #7).
  8. Replace the Phillips screw in the rear of the casting to secure the casting in place. ESATTO
  9. Install the ESATTO timer knob retainer by placing the slot over the blade of the knob, rotate the knob until the retainer is vertical, then slide the retainer into the hole in the base of the . The knob will then be held in the ON position. (See photo #8 & #9).
  10. Plug the ESATTO into to an AC power supply.


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