Baratza Preciso Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Thank you for purchasing the PRECISO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. With the PRECISO, it’s now easier than ever to make professional quality coffee, whether at home, the office, or your café. Below are detailed descriptions of the features that make the PRECISO stand out from other grinders in its class.

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Initial Operation

See the bottom of the grinder to determine the proper voltage for the grinder. Place the PRECISO on a level surface and plug into a correct voltage, AC outlet only. Remove the lid from the hopper by lifting off. Pour the desired quantity of roasted whole coffee beans into the hopper up to a maximum of 8 oz. Replace the lid. Ensure the ground coffee bin is fully inserted.

Setting the Macro and Micro Grind Adjustment

Slowly rotate the bean hopper clockwise or counter clockwise to align the indicator on the bean hopper with the desired number setting on the Macro grind scale. Select the correct grind for the brew process you are using. (Note: whenever moving the Macro adjustment to the left(finer direction), the grinder should be running.) Set the Micro adjustment lever to the middle of the scale. Grind a small amount of coffee. Check the particle size. If the particle size is close to what you desire, now use the Micro lever to “fine tune” your grind size (A is finer, K is coarser). If the particle size needs a big change then adjust the Macro adjustment to a new position then fine tune with the Micro lever. The full range on the Micro scale is equal to one “click” or position on the Macro scale. With both the hopper and the micro adjustment, moving right (counter-clockwise) produces a bigger particle size and left (clockwise) produces a smaller particle size. The actual grind size for a particular setting will vary depending on many factors, including: degree of roast (light vs. dark), freshness, humidity, type of bean, oil content, etc. With use, you will determine the setting that is right for your taste, brewing style and your favorite beans.

Note: Partially ground coffee beans may remain between the burrs after the grinder is turned off, adjusting the grind may be easier when the grinder is running. Avoid running the grinder at very fine settings without beans as it can damage the burrs.

Adjustable Self Timer

The PRECISO is equipped with a 60 second timer switch. Each segment around the timer represents about 10 seconds of run time. The grinder switches off automatically once the time has elapsed. If you want to interrupt grinding before the time has elapsed, simply turn the timer switch counterclockwise until the grinder switches off. The quantity of ground coffee you need depends on the type of bean, coarseness of the grind, brewing method and personal taste. With use, you will find the most suitable settings for your personal taste.

Front Mounted Pulse Button

For short duration grinding, the PRECISO is equipped with a front mounted pulse button. It can be used for grinding directly into an espresso-brewing basket. Remove the grounds bin and position the espresso-basket inside the grinder directly below the pulse button or position the espresso basket in the Portaholder which is included (see photo). Push and hold the pulse button to grind. Grinding will stop when the button is released.


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