Baratza Sette 270WI Espresso Grinder Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

The Baratza Sette 270Wi is meticulously engineered to deliver consistent and precise grinding for espresso and other brewing methods.

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Place the Sette on a level surface and plug the power cord into the back port on the machine. Plug the cord into a correct voltage AC outlet only.


With the hopper lid in place, mount the hopper by lining up the hopper’s bean shutoff knob at the 11:00 position (back left). Press the hopper down, and rotate clockwise until the alignment tabs on the front are aligned. Flip the bean shutoff knob to the “open” position and pour in desired quantity of roasted, whole coffee beans.


The convertible device arms that hold the grounds bin can also be used to hold most popular brewing devices such as V60, AeroPress, Clever, and Able Kone. To convert to the portafilter holder position, push in on the right arm and swing it down and to the left (fig. A). To return to original position, push in on the right arm and rotate to the right and up (fig. B). The left arm will automatically move into position.

When grinding directly into a portafilter, you must first convert the arms to portafilter holder position and swing the hook to the front. The hook is designed to support the top lip of your portafilter while the arms support the bottom of your portafilter. It is imperative that your hook is adjusted so that your portafilter sits level. To adjust the hook, loosen the 2mm hex screw that sits below the hook, adjust the portafilter hook up or down, and tighten screw once in the proper position. After you have adjusted your hook, run a test grind, if your portafilter does not sit level through the grinding process, you may need to make further adjustments.


The Sette has two different adjustments. The macro adjust makes large adjustments from 1-31, while the stepless micro adjust allows for small adjustments to fine-tune. We always recommend the motor be on when making micro or macro grind adjustments. It’s best to start with your micro adjustment at “E”, and dial in the macro as close to the desired grind as possible, then adjust the micro as needed.

Below are the best practices for making accurate and repeatable grind adjustments:

  1. Press preset 1, then the start/pause button
  2. Rotate the macro setting until close to the desired grind size
  3. Pull bin out and check the particle size. If the particle size is close to what you desire, use the micro setting to fine-tune
  4. Allow 1-2 seconds more run time, and discard the ground coffee. This small amount of waste is called a purge, and is crucial in making sure all the ground coffee used is from the same setting.
  5. Grind full dose Brew and repeat above steps as needed


The macro settings shown in the table below can be used as a general guideline for starting points*. The actual particle size for a particular setting will vary depending on many factors including: degree of roast (light vs. dark), freshness, humidity, type of bean, oil content, etc. With use, you will determine the setting that is right for your taste, brewing style, and your favorite beans.


Place the portafilter, grounds bin or other brewing device on to the convertible arms. Press a preset button (1,2,3). The screen will show the corresponding programmed grind weight in grams. Press START. There may be a slight delay as the machine Tares and then begins grinding. While grinding, the screen will count up in grams to the target weight, the motor will stop, hitting the desired gram amount.

If you would like to stop before the cycle has completed, press the STOP button. This will turn the motor off, and reset the 7 screen to your initially chosen grind weight. However, if you would like to pause the grind without resetting to the initially chosen grind weight, press the PAUSE button. This will immediately pause the machine, and the screen will flash the ground coffee weight. By pressing START it will continue grinding towards the desired weight. To reset the grind cycle press the STOP button.


The Sette™ 270W also has a pulse function/manual weight grinding mode. To turn the grinder on in this mode, simply hold the play button for more than 2 seconds, the Sette will TARE and the motor will turn on. The grinder will count up as it measures the ground coffee, and will turn off as soon as you let go of the button. At this point the START button is now a pulse button. To exit this mode, press STOP.


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