Baratza Vario W With Metal Portaholder Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Thank you for purchasing the VARIO coffee grinder. With the VARIO it is now easier than ever to make professional quality coffee, whether at home, the office, or your café. The Vario is a compact, time-based grinder, dedicated to grinding for all styles of coffee brewing. The Vario has a small footprint; intuitive control panel; and a macro/micro adjustment.

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The VARIO uses flat ceramic burrs, which are great for all styles of coffee.

Ceramic burrs are harder than steel and last (on average) about twice as long as steel burrs.


The VARIO comes with a PortaHolder that can easily be adjusted to fit any Portafilter.


Place the VARIO grinder on a level surface. With the hopper lid in place, mount

the hopper on the grinder housing by lining up the two small tabs at the base

of the hopper with the two slots inside the collar on the top of the grinder.

Turn the hopper clockwise until it locks into position (expect to apply force).

Insert the power plug into an AC outlet. Pour the desired quantity of roasted,

whole coffee beans into the hopper. Slide the ground coffee bin into the front

of the grinder.

Press one of the preset buttons, then press START

Normal Grinding Operation

Move the Macro lever (right side) up or down, to the desired grind setting. Set

the Micro adjustment lever (left side) to the middle of the scale.

Starting brew settings can be found at under the Support


Grind a small amount of coffee into the bin by pressing the START button, then

pressing it again to stop the grinding. Check the particle size. If the particle

size is close to what you desire, use the Micro lever to fine-tune the grind size.

If the particle size needs a big change, then adjust the Macro lever to a new


The full range on the Micro scale is equal to one “click” or position change on

the Macro scale. Adjusting levers UP produces a smaller particle size, adjusting

levers DOWN produces a larger particle size.

Time Based Grinding Operation

Place the PortaHolder or the ground coffee bin in the grinder. Press a preset

button (1,2,3). The screen will show the corresponding programmed grind time

in seconds. Press START button to begin grinding. While grinding, the screen

will count down the seconds to 0.0. When the screen reaches 0 seconds, the

motor will stop and the display will reset again to the programmed time. For

greater quantities of ground coffee press the Manual button, then START. The

grinder will count up to 90 seconds, then shut off automatically. At any time

during MANUAL operation you can stop the grinding by pressing the STOP

button. The motor will stop and the screen will show the total amount of

seconds, for 3 seconds, then it will reset to 0.0.


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