Behmor Brazen Brewer FAQ Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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TIP: When first setting pre-soak times we highly recommend you do so at 1:20 minimum. This is especially important when using a very freshly roasted coffee. The additional time allows the bloom to subside and avoid overflow.

FAQ: During calibration my display showed a temperature below 212 F for boiling. Do I have a problem with my brewer?

Answer: No. This is an ideal example of why you calibrate your system and shows why the BraZen is unique. If it shows, for example, 208 F that indicates your system without calibration would be off by approximately 2%. With our calibration process once the system beeps it recognizes boil point (according to altitude setting) and auto-corrects.

FAQ: After I set my elevation (which is 2000 feet), I can no longer set my water temperature to 210. I know water boils at 208 F at my altitude, but I thought the calibration fixed it made my water boil at 212 F.

Answer: No. The BraZen cannot change the laws of physics. Water will still reach the boiling point temperature of water for your elevation. But it uses that boiling point during calibration to make the water temperature accurate. And the calibration sets the upper limit of the program two degrees below that elevation adjusted boiling point.

FAQ: I noticed some water dripping out when I first remove the grounds basket, do I have a problem?

Answer: No. As with all hot water, condensation will form and what you are seeing is just that - condensation.

FAQ: I noticed some of the bloom and grounds basket, what should I do?

Answer: As noted in the manual this is a result of either the grind being too fine and/or pre-soak time being too short. Simply adjust either the pre-soak and/or make your grind size a little coarser. We recommend a grind size to be roughly that of kosher salt or very coarse sand.

FAQ: The lid on my BraZen says "Water Only" but the manual says I should put cleaner in there. Which is right?

Answer: The manual is technically correct. The intent of the "water only" sign on the lid is to simply remind users that this is not where the coffee grounds go, nor should you warm your brewed coffee up in the reservoir. It is fine to put coffee cleaners and descalers into the reservoir so long as it is well flushed out before brewing your coffee.