Behmor Brazen Connected Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Product Resource Details

  1. Press Start/Stop Your Behmor Brewer ships with a preset profile that works right when you plug in your brewer.
  2. Download App Search for and download the FREE Behmor app from the App store or Google Play.
  3. Launch App Follow the easy instructions in the app to connect your Behmor Brewer.
  4. Choose Cups Choose the number of cups by tapping on the up and down arrows on the cup section of the app.
  5. Brew Temperature A good starting point is 200F but don’t be afraid to experiment based on coffees, roast profiles, and your taste buds.
  6. Pre-Soak Time Allow your coffee to bloom prior to brewing. 45 seconds is a good start; with fresher coffees a longer pre-soak time is recommended.