Behmor Brazen Plus Product Overview User Manual & Instructions PDF

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Brewing Instructions

  1. Twist and remove the top cover and fill the reservoir with drinking water, always pouring from the side to avoid getting display screen wet (see Diagram C). The water level should not exceed 1.2L / 8 Cup level as indicated on the inside.
    The water reservoir has a capacity of 8 Cups or 1.2L. Labeled marking lines are as shown below:
    a. 1.2 L- 8 Cups
    b. .9 L - 6 Cups
    c. Calibration Fill Line (.6L - 4 Cups) Best used with Manual Release
    Replace and twist the top cover into place.
    Important Note: Do not put coffee or anything other than water into the reservoir.
    Do not use hot water as it will adversely affect the Power Controlled Temperature Glide programming.
  2. Remove the filter basket, and place ground coffee into the filter. A full pot of brewed coffee in the Brazen requires 8-10 Tablespoons of ground coffee (60-70 grams or 2 oz). If the Brazen filter is being used, finely ground coffee is not recommended as it may clog the filter. A grind between a standard drip coffee and a French Press should be used. If using a paper filter, a grind for a standard drip coffee may be used. Many commercial grinders have pre-marked settings for metal and paper filters.
  3. Place the filter into the filter basket, and slide into place. You will hear a slight clicking when it locks in.
  4. Set stainless steel carafe on base.
  5. Make sure the program settings are to your liking (see "Programming Your Brazen) and proceed with brewing using one of three options described below.