Bonavita 1L Variable Temp Kettle Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Operating Your Kettle

Before plugging the kettle into the wall outlet, check that the electrical circuit is not overloaded with other appliances.


  1. Set the base on a flat, even and steady surface.
  2. Remove the kettle from the base. Place the waterproof cover on top of base.(ill. A)
  3. Take off the lid. Fill the kettle with cold water (ill. B). Do not fill over the ‘max’ indicator marking.
  4. After filling the kettle with water, insert the lid into kettle with holes facing towards handle. Plug the power cord into the standard wall outlet. (ill. C)
  5. Put the kettle firmly on the base and press the on/off button. The power on indicator light will turn on. The display flashes the set temperature for 3 seconds. (ill. D)
    The factory default temperature is 185°F (85°C)


  1. Fill the kettle to Max fill line with cold water and then heat at the maximum temperature setting, then empty.
  2. Let the appliance cool down 1 minute
  3. Repeat heating cycle and rinse. Your kettle is now ready for use.


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