Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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How to use the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker:

1. Before first use:
- Remove all packaging material. Wash the jug lid, tea basket, basket lid and tea scoop.
- Fill the glass jug to the water max level (1500ml), place on power base, and run a boiling cycle to remove any residues.

2. Filling:
- For brewing tea, fill the glass jug with desired amount of water, not exceeding the tea max level (1200ml).
- For boiling/heating water only, fill up to the water max level (1500ml).

3. Brewing tea:
- Place tea leaves in the basket using the provided scoop (approx. 1 scoop per cup/8oz water).
- Select tea type which sets the brew temperature.
- Select tea strength which sets the brew time.
- Press TEA/Cancel button to start brewing cycle. The basket will automatically lower into the water once temperature is reached.

4. Boiling/Heating water:
- Fill jug with desired amount of water (max 1500ml).
- Press arrow buttons to set temperature. Press HOT WATER/Cancel button to start heating cycle.

5. Additional features:
- Keep Warm button maintains brewed tea/heated water temperature for up to 60 min.
- Basket Cycle button continuously raises/lowers basket during brewing to maximize infusion.
- Auto Start allows you to program the Tea Maker to automatically start brewing at a preset time.

6. Cleaning:
- Jug lid, tea basket, basket lid and tea scoop are dishwasher safe.
- Wipe glass jug interior with soft damp sponge, exterior with soft damp cloth.
- Wipe power base with soft damp sponge. Dry all parts thoroughly before use.

TLDR: fill the jug with water, add tea to the basket, select your settings, and let the Tea Maker automatically brew your tea or boil/heat your water. Use the additional functions as desired and clean parts regularly for optimal performance.


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