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The Breville Dose Control Pro Espresso Grinder was designed with the discerning coffee enthusiast in mind, offering unparalleled control over your coffee grounds, ensuring every cup is brewed to perfection.

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Your Dose Control™ Pro uses hardened stainless steel Conical Burrs and can grind whole bean coffee suitable for a range of brewing methods, from the finest setting for Espresso to the coarsest setting for French Press.

The grind amount (dose) for all coffee types is controlled by an electronic timer. The dose for each brew method can be adjusted by rotating the GRIND TIME dial and changing the time the grinder will run. You can grind directly into a Portafilter, Container or Drip Coffee filter basket.

Within each brew method, Espresso, Percolator, Drip or French Press, there is a range of grind size settings; the grind settings will differ between each brew method. This is because each method requires different grind sizes for optimum extraction. Experiment with different grind size settings until you achieve the brew that best suits your taste.

Rotating the Bean Hopper will turn the Grind Size Collar to adjust grind size.


Remove and safely discard all promotional labels and packing materials attached to your Breville product. Wash hopper, and cradles in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Wipe exterior of grinder with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Place grinder on flat level surface and plug power cord into a 120V outlet.


Bean Hopper

Align tabs on the base of the bean hopper and insert hopper into position. Holding the hopper, press down firmly and turn the bean hopper dial 45° to lock into position.

A "click" sound will be heard when the hopper is correctly locked in place.

Fill with fresh coffee beans and secure lid on top of bean hopper.

The bean hopper can be removed by holding the hopper and turning the Dial anti-clockwise and lifting hopper to remove. The locking system allows you to remove and transfer beans in the hopper to a storage container safely.


Use single wall filter baskets when grinding fresh coffee beans. Use the finer 1–25 settings in the ESPRESSO range.

  1. Insert the appropriate portafilter cradle size. Insert your portafilter into the cradle.
  2. Select the desired amount of ground coffee required by turning the GRIND TIME dial.
    Refer to the Coffee Chart on page 14 as a starting point to adjust your grind time. This will vary depending on the individual size of your filter basket and coffee bean types. Rotate the GRIND TIME dial to adjust the grind time until the correct dose is achieved. Increasing the time will increase the dose and decreasing the time will decrease the dose.
  3. After dosing the portafilter with freshly ground coffee, tamp down with between 15-20kg or 30-40lbs of pressure. The amount of pressure is not as important as consistent pressure every time.
  4. The adjustable Razor™ Dose Trimming Tool allows you to trim the puck to the right level for a consistent extraction.
    Select the correct width blade of the Razor™ to match the diameter of your filter basket. The Razor™ has three blades of varying widths: 58mm, 54mm and 50mm. The 58mm and 54mm are already fitted within the Razor™ body. The 50mm is separate.
    If you require the 50mm blade, turn the Adjustable Dial past #1 until the 54mm blade is fully extended and able to be pulled from the body.
    Insert the 50mm blade into the body. Wind the Adjustable Dial until the blade is retracted past #4. Press the 50mm and 58mm blades at the same time, towards the center of the body until a “click” sound can be heard.
    Adjust the Razor™ to the setting in the table below for your Breville espresso machine. This is a starting point for your dose height.
    After tamping the coffee, insert the Razor™ into the filter basket until it rests on the rim of the basket. The blade of the dosing tool should penetrate the surface of the tamped coffee.
    If the blade does not penetrate the surface of the tamped coffee, your coffee is under dosed. Increase the amount of dosed coffee by adjusting the GRIND TIME dial.
    Rotate the Razor™ back and forth while holding the portafilter on an angle over the knock box to trim off a little excess coffee.
  5. For espresso, we recommend starting with grind size setting 15 and rotating the Hopper (to adjust the Grind Size Collar) either coarser or finer until your preferred flavor profile is achieved. This should be done in conjunction with setting the grind amount (dose).
  6. Refer to the Coffee Chart on page 14 for approximate grind size guide.
    You will need to extract a shot of espresso to determine if a change in grind size and/or grind amount is necessary to achieve the correct rate of flow. Traditionally, a single shot of espresso is defined as ~ 1oz in 30 seconds and a double shot of espresso as ~ 2oz in 30 seconds.


Breville’s range of espresso machines, drip brewers, and grinders seek to make gourmet coffee easier in the home. From the perfect starter espresso machine to smart, powerful brewers, Breville brings something for everyone. Founded in 1932, Breville is known for producing espresso machines, drip brewers, and grinders that embrace usability without sacrificing performance.

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