Breville Grind Control BDC650 Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

To get the most out of your Grind Control™ coffee brewer we recommend using quality freshly roasted whole bean coffee & grind right before you brew. Coffee is at its peak flavor potential 5-20 days after roasting. Always buy coffee with a “Roasted On” date printed on the bag and avoid buying coffee with a “Best Before” or “Use By” date, as you never know when it was roasted.

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1. Fill the Water Tank

Press the flip-top lid to open. Pour the desired amount of cold, preferably filtered water into the tank using a jug or the provided carafe. Never use Distilled, De-mineralized or highly filtered water as this will affect the electronics and the taste of your coffee. If using the carafe, ensure the carafe is clean and the carafe lid is securely locked in place. The LCD screen will indicate the amount of water in the tank as it is filled. The machine will beep when full and the water level float will rise to indicate the maximum level. Do not exceed the 12 cup maximum. Doing so may cause the carafe to overflow or water spillage at the back of the machine. Close the flip-top lid.

2. Pre-Warm the Carafe

A warm carafe will help maintain the coffee’s optimal temperature and keep coffee hotter for longer. Remove the carafe lid by turning counter-clockwise then lifting upwards. Fill the carafe with hot water and leave to stand for about 30 seconds then discard the water. To lock the carafe lid back into position, align the arrow on the carafe lid with the ALIGN arrow on the carafe. Turn clockwise until the arrow on the carafe lid aligns with the LOCK arrow on the carafe. This ensures that the lid is closed and in the proper position for brewing and pouring. Place the carafe into position under the drip stop outlet.

3. Select ‘Carafe’ Mode

Press the CUP|CARAFE button. The LCD screen will display a Carafe symbol and the

current number of cups selected. Rotate the CUP | CARAFE dial to select the required number of cups to brew. You can choose less than the current tank level (2 cup minimum), while the maximum is the amount of water in the tank, up to 12 cups. If you select cups greater than the level in the water tank, the LCD will display FILL TANK and the water tank symbol will flash.

4. Select the Brew Strength or ‘PRE-GROUND’ Coffee Setting

There are 8 Strength settings. The LCD screen will display the current strength setting. Rotate the STRENGTH dial to select your required Strength. 1 is the weakest and 8 is the strongest. We recommend starting on setting 4 for a medium strength coffee. Adjust strength higher or lower to suit your taste.

5. Start the Brew Cycle

Press the START | CANCEL button. The grinder will commence grinding the correct amount of coffee for the selected brew size and strength. If the ‘PRE-GROUND’ coffee setting has been selected, the grinder will be disabled.

The count-down timer will then begin. The time displayed is an estimate only and will depend on the brew size and strength settings you have selected. The LCD screen will display:

a) ‘PRE-HEATING’ as the water is heated to the optimal temperature. The pre-

heating time will depend on the starting temperature of the water in the water tank

b) ‘INFUSING’ as the water is delivered to the ground coffee.

c) ‘BREWING’ as the coffee is dispensed into the carafe.

To stop the cycle at any time, press the START | CANCEL button. You will hear a winding noise. This is normal.

6. Using the Brew Pause Feature

The Brew Pause feature temporarily ceases the flow of coffee when the carafe is removed so a cup can be poured mid-brew. Do not remove the carafe for longer than 20 seconds or the coffee may overflow the coffee basket.

7. Empty the Coffee Basket

Once the brewing cycle is complete, the ready signal will sound and a winding noise will be heard. This is normal. The coffee machine will automatically shut-off and the LCD screen will flash ‘EMPTY COFFEE FILTER’ as a reminder to remove the coffee basket and discard the used grinds. Wash the coffee basket, taking particular care to rinse the chute area. Then dry the coffee basket and chute area thoroughly.

We also recommend checking the coffee grinds chute disc for any build-up of coffee grinds. This is the stainless steel disc that is visible when the swing-out door is opened.

A build-up of grinds on this disc can affect the performance of the machine. Wipe the disc clean then dry thoroughly.

8. Pour and Enjoy

Ensure the carafe lid is securely locked in position. There is no need to turn or adjust the lid before pouring. The lid automatically opens when pouring so as to keep coffee hot.


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