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Before first use, ensure you have all parts and accessories - power base, milk jug, latte disc, cappuccino disc, jug lid and measuring cap.

Remove and safely discard all promotional labels and packing materials attached to the Breville Milk Cafe™.

Wash the milk jug, frothing discs, lid and measuring cap in warm soapy water then rinse and dry thoroughly. Wipe the exterior of the power base with a soft damp cloth then dry thoroughly.


  1. Place the milk frother on a flat level surface and plug the power cord into a 110V-120V power outlet. The START | STOP button surround will illuminate.
  2. Select the ‘Capp’ or ‘Latté’ frothing disc. Choose the ‘Capp’ disc for thick and creamy froth or the ‘Latté’ disc for smooth and silky milk.
  3. Insert the frothing disc onto the shaft at the base of the milk jug. Ensure the disc is inserted the correct way with the wider part of the disc at the bottom of the jug. The disc should ‘click’ securely onto the shaft.
  4. Pour the required amount of cold, fresh (or freshly opened) milk into the milk jug then cover with the jug lid. Always use cold milk and fill the milk jug between the MIN and MAX level markings. Overfilling may result in spillage, while underfilling prevents the frothing disc from working optimally.
  5. Ensure the jug lid is securely attached and the outside of the milk jug is clean. Place the milk jug onto the power base, ensuring the jug is sitting flat.
  6. Turn the START | STOP push-dial to the desired temperature. When frothing milk for a cappuccino or latte, we recommend staying within the ‘OPTIMUM MILK TEMP’ range, however this is up to your personal preference.
    If the temperature setting is changed during operation, the milk frother will stop at the new temperature selected. The exception is if a lower temperature is selected mid-cycle and the milk has already exceeded the lower temperature. In this case, the milk frother will immediately stop.
  7. Only press the START | STOP push-dial once, firmly.. Frothing has started once the milk frother beeps once and the button surround slowly f lashes. If the milk frother does not do this, try pushing the START | STOP push-dial again to ensure it has been properly activated.
  8. When the milk has reached the selected temperature, the milk frother will automatically stop and beep twice. This will take anywhere between 2 -7 minutes depending on the quantity of milk used. Carefully remove the milk jug from the power base as the milk jug and contents will be hot. Be careful not to place the milk jug on a table cloth, plastic surface or heat sensitive surface which may scorch or melt. Remove the jug lid, pour and/or spoon out the frothed milk.
  9. Clean the milk jug and frothing disc immediately after use. Both will be hot, so follow the instructions on page 17 and allow them to cool completely before disassembling.


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