Brewista Tea Kettle Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Product Resource Details


  • Auto-start function heats your water to your chosen temperature at your selected time
  • Displays kettle temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Displays actual water temperature in kettle even when powered off
  • Allows user to hold temperature at 160 °F for up to one hour
  • Includes preset temperatures for popular hot beverages
  • Easy grip handle for excellent pour control
  • Adjustable brewing cycle times
  • Cord wrap in base
  • Retains last temperature settings and brewing cycle time when powered off or unplugged

Setting Up the Kettle:

  1. Set the base (7) on a flat, steady surface.
  2. Remove the kettle from the base (7).
  3. Turn the lid (4) clockwise to unlock the lid. Take out the filter basket (3) and metal filter (2) from the kettle body (1) (illustration a). Fill the kettle with cold water. Do not fill over the “Max” fill line (40.5 oz.) or less than the “Min” fill line (20 oz.) (illustration b).

Preparing the Kettle for First Time Use:

  1. Fill the kettle to the “Max” fill line with cold water.
  2. Press ON/OFF button (9) (illustration h) to begin heating cycle.
  3. Bring water to a boil, and run the pump for the maximum time cycle of eight (8) minutes (refer to operation instructions below).
  4. Empty the kettle and rinse it.
  5. Allow the appliance to cool down for 1 minute.
  6. Repeat the boil, pump, and rinse procedure twice before initial use.

Preparing the Kettle to Make Tea:

  1. After filling the kettle with water, put the filter basket (3) back into the kettle body firmly (illustration c).
  2. Add tea or loose botanicals to the filter basket (3), or add tea bags to the metal filter (2) (illustration d).
  3. The filter basket (3) should be used with loose tea and botanicals to prevent small particles from entering the pump, potentially causing it to malfunction.
  4. If the filter basket (3) is being used, place it back into the metal filter (2) (illustration e).
  5. Put the lid (4) back onto the top of the kettle body and align the triangle mark with the unlock icon, turn the lid (4) counterclockwise until the triangle mark aligns with the lock icon (illustration f).
  6. Put the kettle body (1) back on the base (7) firmly.
  7. Plug the power cord into a grounded wall outlet (illustration g), the display will flash “am time 12:00”.