Bunn Iced Tea Dispenser TDO4 Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

INTRODUCTION These dispensers are designed to hold and serve either a three and a half, four or five gallon batch of iced tea or iced coffee, depending on the model. When proper precautions are followed, tea/coffee may be brewed directly into the dispenser and then transported to a remote serving location. The dispenser must be placed on a sturdy counter or shelf.

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The TDO-3.5 dispenser weighs approximately 35 pounds when full.

The TDO-4 dispenser weighs approximately 48 pounds when full.

The TDO-5 weighs approximately 59 pounds when full.

You must be careful when lifting these dispensers.


1. Twist the faucet wing nut in a clockwise direction and remove the faucet from the reservoir.

2. Thoroughly clean the inner surfaces of the dispenser and the faucet shank with a brush using a mild cleaner/sanitizer and water solution then thoroughly rinse the dispenser and faucet shank with warm water. NOTE - Bunn-O-Matic recommends the use of KAY-5® for this purpose. (Kay-5 is a product of the Kay Chemical Company, Greens-boro, NC) Simply pour the cleaner/sanitizer into an empty dispenser. Run a complete brew cycle of just water into the dispenser and let it set for a minute. Empty the dispenser and thoroughly rinse with warm water.

3. Disassemble the faucet/stem assembly. The faucet cleaning procedure requires a 3-compartment sink. Thoroughly wash all faucet parts in a mild detergent and water solution in the first sink. Rinse the parts in hot water in the second sink. Sanitize the parts for one minute in 75°F warm chlorine solution (50 -100 ppm) in the third sink.

Do NOT use full-strength bleach, but a solution with water, of 50 - 100 ppm of chlorine. Reassemble the faucet and attach it to the dispenser.

4. Wash the entire outside surface of the dispenser with a clean damp cloth.