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IMPORTANT: Coffee grinder will not operate if the ground coffee container (F) and lid (G) are not properly in place.

Note: During manufacturing, the grinding wheels (K) are installed so that they touch initially. The grinder will not function properly while the wheels are touching each other. To avoid grinding with the wheels touching each other proceed as follows:

For first-time grinding:

  • Check to make sure that the bean container (B) is empty, clean and dry, and free of any foreign objects.
  • Plug in the grinder. Set the fineness selector (C) to number "9."
  • Fill the bean container with 3 to 4 tablespoons of coffee beans. • Set the grind amount selector (I) to approximately number "4." Make sure the ground coffee container (F) with its lid (G) is in place.
  • Push and hold the on-button (J) for 2 seconds. Repeat the same procedure in a different fineness position (e.g. number "3"). You are now ready to begin using your grinder regularly.


  1. Place your Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder on a flat, level surface.
  2. Place the cover of the ground coffee container lid (G), on the ground coffee container (F).
  3. Plug the grinder into an outlet.
  4. Fill the bean container (B) with coffee beans and replace the lid. The bean container can hold up to 8 ounces of coffee beans. Note: Only coffee beans should be filled into the bean container. Never fill any of the following into the bean container: sugar-coated beans, syrups or other coatings, and instant coffee. Never fill water or any other liquid into the bean container.
  5. Set the grind amount selector (I) to the number of cups of coffee you want to grind by sliding the grind amount selector (I) above the correct number. These numbers are to be used as a guide. The amount of ground coffee varies quite a bit depending on how coarse or fine you grind and whether you use light, dry beans or dark, oily beans. After grinding a few times, you will find the correct grind amount position for the amount of coffee you want to grind.
  6. Set the fineness selector (C) to the desired setting (see Section "Guidelines for Fineness Selector Settings"). CAUTION: Never change the fineness selector setting while grinding!
  7. Push and hold the on-button (J) for 2 seconds to start your Capresso grinder. The grinder wil begin grinding the coffee directly into the ground coffee container. It wil stop automaticaly. Attention: Beans may stick to the wal of the bean container, preventing them from falling into the burrs. You will hear a high-pitched noise from the motor when this happens. Gently shake the grinder so that the beans slide down into the burrs. Note: If you need to turn the grinder off before the grinding cycle is finished, slide the grind amount selector to the "OFF" position.
  8. Be sure to unplug the appliance after every use. Note: Coffee beans can stay in the bean container for up to 2 weeks before they will start to lose their aroma.


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