Capresso CM200 Coffee Maker Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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The Capresso CM200 comes complete with:

  • Glass Carafe with Lid
  • Measuring Scoop
  • GoldTone Filter (inserted in removable Filter Holder)
  • Charcoal Filter with Charcoal Filter Holder
  • Instruction Book and Mail Order Form

Preparing the Coffee Maker

Before First Use

After unpacking your coffee maker clean all the loose parts with warm water and make yourself familiar with the different functions. After reading these instructions, clean the internal parts of the machine by making two carafes using only water, without any ground coffee inside the filter.

The Display / Setting the Clock and Timer

When you plug in the coffee maker the display (Fig. 2, K) will illuminate for about 30 seconds and will flash “12:00”. All indicator lights will be off.

To Set the Current Time (Fig. 2)

Push and hold the hour button. The hours will advance. The little dot on the left upper side (indicating AM) changes to a left lower dot (indicating PM). When the correct hour shows up release the button and push and hold the minute button to set the minutes.
Attention: You must change the clock when the time changes (Standard Time, Daylight Savings Time).

To Set an Auto-On Time:

If you want the coffee maker to start brewing at a preset time automatically, first push the program button (Fig. 2, O). The display shows "12:00". Immediately start pushing the hour and minute buttons as described above until the desired time shows up. Within a few seconds the display will revert to the actual time.

To check the programmed time just push the program button. The display shows the programmed time and will switch back to the actual time.

To change the programmed time, push the program button and repeat as described above.

Attention: Flashing Display!
If you unplug the coffee maker for more than 10 seconds or if you have a power failure, you will lose the current time and program settings. The flashing display indicates that you must reset the current and programmed time.

The Charcoal Filter Indicator

To start the electronic charcoal indicator, push the Filter Button (Fig. 2, Q). The green indicator light for the charcoal filter will turn on. If you use spring water, bottled water or distilled water and make coffee right away, it is not necessary to use the charcoal filter. Push the Filter Button (Fig. 2, Q) and the green filter indicator light will turn off.
Attention: Spring water and distilled water might attract impurities when sitting in the water container overnight. The charcoal filter will remove most of these impurities since the water will be filtered just before entering the heating element.

Using the Charcoal Water Filter

Most tap water is treated with chlorine. The charcoal filter removes up to 82% of the chlorine and other impurities found in tap water, improving the taste of water substantially. The charcoal cartridge sits in the charcoal holder (see Fig. 4). The charcoal holder is already inserted into the water container.

To activate the charcoal cartridge pour four cups of water into the water container and let it sit for approx. 3 minutes. Then turn the machine on and let the water brew into the carafe (see chapter 4). Discard the water. As long as the green Charcoal Filter Light is on, the machine monitors time and the number of brewings.

The green charcoal filter light will start blinking either after 6 weeks or after the Coffee Brewing Button has been turned on 60 times whichever comes first, reminding you to replace the cartridge.

If you make coffee once a day, the filter light will start flashing after 6 weeks. If you make coffee twice a day, the light will flash after 30 days. This will help you to plan the right amount of cartridges.

Attention: When you unplug the machine for more than 10 seconds or if you have a power failure, the electronic indicator loses its memory. Then it is best to replace the filter 6 weeks after first use.
Caution: Once the cartridge is activated you should never use it for longer than six weeks. Harmful bacteria build-up may occur. Unused cartridges can be stored indefinitely.


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