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Grinding the beans just before brewing will maximize the flavor and aroma of your coffee. Conical burr grinders are considered the best way of grinding beans. The slower grinding speed of the conical burrs creates less heat thus preserving more aroma of the ground coffee. Following the recommendations below will make your coffee taste better and your machine last longer.


  • After grinding, the CoffeeTEAM automatically starts the brewing process.
  • Drip-stop function lets you pull out carafe and serve a cup or two before brewing is finished.
  • CoffeeTEAM GS, #464 (glass carafe): Warming plate keeps coffee hot for 2 hours, then the warming plate shuts off.
  • Easy to read LCD display with AM/PM clock and auto-on programming.
  • Machine can be used with or without grinder to accommodate pre-ground coffee.
  • Heavy duty, conical burr grinder delivers slow, precise and no-heat grinding to preserve natural coffee bean aroma.
  • Grinds directly into filter holder.


  • Carefully unpack your machine and remove packing materials.
  • Wipe the machine with a damp cloth.
  • Push the filter holder button (fig. ), remove the goldtone filter and the filter insert and clean.
  • Make sure the drip stop of the filter insert is working properly.
  • Open the water container lid and remove the charcoal holder. If you intend to use the charcoal filter insert, see chapter 9.6.
  • Remove the charcoal cartridge and measuring scoop from the carafe. Please note: The filter holder, the basket, the glass carafe (Model #464) and carafe lid are dishwasher safe (upper rack, away from any heating element). Caution: Do not immerse the machine in water or any other liquid.


  • CoffeeTEAM GS (glass carafe): when brewing, always have the lid in place.
  • Let some water brew through the machine without any coffee as follows.
  • Plug in machine and make sure the GoldTone filter and filter insert are in place.
  • Fill the water tank with approx. 20 oz. of water and place the carafe with lid in the machine.
  • Push the BREW button, then the ON/OFF button (Fig. 2). The machine starts processing the water into the carafe.
  • After all water has passed through, push the ON/OFF button again to turn off machine.
  • Empty carafe


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