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Grinding the beans just before brewing will maximize the flavor and aroma of your coffee. Conical burr grinders are considered the best way of grinding beans. The slower grinding speed of the conical burrs creates less heat thus preserving more aroma of the ground coffee. Following the recommendations below will make your coffee taste better and your machine last longer.

Storing Coffee Beans in the Freezer?

Coffee Stores do not store beans in the freezer or refrigerator! Coffee will act like baking soda, absorbing all odors and tastes surrounding it. Coffee beans will stay fresh for several weeks as long as you keep them in a dry, dark container. (It’s the ground coffee which will lose aroma rapidly!) If you must store coffee beans in the freezer, take them out the day before use. This way they will absorb less odors and have time to thaw. Important: If you fill beans from the freezer directly into the grinder, moisture will seep into the burrs and the feeder channel. The moisture makes the ground coffee stick in the feeder channel and will clog it up over time.

Finer or Coarser Grind?

The five grind settings (Fig. 4) of your CoffeeTEAM are calibrated for grinding drip coffee. Choose the coarser settings for darker, oilier beans. Choose the finer settings for light or medium roasts.

Dark Beans versus Light Beans

Your CoffeeTEAM burr grinder is calibrated to work with all different kinds of roasts. Dark, oily beans will leave some oil residue in the feeder channel. Over time this can slow down the flow of ground coffee. For cleaning the feeder channel see page 12.

Flavored beans, liquid flavorings, syrups

  • Do not use sugar or powder coated beans in the grinder (e.g. cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla etc). Coated beans can pit the bean container. The coating might stick to the burrs and, over time, will reduce the performance of the grinding mechanism.
  • Do not add any liquid flavorings or syrups to the beans.
  • If you like flavored coffee we recommend buying liquid flavorings at your local coffee store. Add a few drops into the carafe before or after brewing.

Stones And Beans

Every coffee specialty store will tell you that occasionally small stones can be found in between coffee beans. Very small stones will be processed through the burr grinder without any harm (the stone will end up in your filter - not in your brewed coffee). However, larger stones can block the burr grinder permanently. If this happens, the grinder will make a loud noise. Push the On/Off button to stop grinding and call our customer service toll free number: 1-800-767-3554. Here is how you can avoid stones entering the bean container:

  • Shake your bean bag thoroughly so that a stone will fall to the bottom of the bag.
  • Before emptying the bottom half of the bag of beans into the bean container, check to see whether there are any particles that look like stones, and remove them.


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