Capresso EC100 Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Before Using for the First Time

After carefully unpacking your EC100, wash all removable parts with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with the appliance and read the instructions manual. Plug the power cord into a grounded wall outlet according to the safety instructions. Rinse the internal components before making espresso. Fill the water container and pump a few ounces of water through the brew head (Fig.1, g) and the steam wand (Fig.1, c). Follow the procedures in chapters 4 and 5 without using coffee

Filling the Water Container

Open the water container lid and pull the water container up. Fill the container with fresh cold water. The water container has a MIN and MAX marking. Place the container back into the machine, pushing down firmly to engage the base valve. Make sure the two black hooks on top of the water container are inserted into the openings in the back of the machine.

Control Panel

  1. The ON/OFF button turns the machine on and off. The orange light to the left of the button illuminates, indicating that the machine is on. Push the button again, to turn the machine off. When the machine is ON, the thermoblock heating system heats up (at this time the green Ready light is off). The initial heat-up time is under one minute at normal room temperature. Once the thermo-block is heated, the green READY light turns on.
  2. The SELECTOR DIAL has three positions:
  • LEFT (cup symbol) brewing coffee,
  • MIDDLE (black dot) standby, brewing and steaming stops, • RIGHT (steam symbol), steam production through the frother Note: During brewing or steaming, the green READY will be off, indicating the heating system is on, maintaining the proper temperature for brewing or steaming.

Warming Internal Components and Cups

Before making espresso, it is important to pre-warm all the internal components in the appliance and the cups. This short procedure will add 10° to 15° F to the first cup of espresso.

  1. Make sure the Selector Dial is in the middle position.
  2. Push the ON/OFF button. The orange indicator light illuminates.
  3. Fill the water container with fresh, cold water.
  4. Place one of the sieves inside the porta filter (without coffee). See Fig. 2 for proper inserting the sieves.
  5. Make sure the thumb guard does not cover the sieve.
  6. Align the porta filter at the inscription “INSERT”, push the porta filter up and turn it firmly to the right towards the inscription “LOCK” until it feels tight. Note: in the beginning it will not be possible to turn the porta filter all the way to the LOCK position. Just make sure the porta filter is firmly placed. Over time the porta filter can be moved closer to the LOCK position.
  7. Place one or two espresso cups underneath the porta filter. At this time the green READY light illuminates.
  8. Turn the Selector Dial to the left (cup symbol). Hot water will be pumped through the filter into the cups.
  9. Turn the Selector Dial to the middle position to stop the flow of hot water. j) Empty the cups and remove the porta filter. All parts are now pre-warmed. Caution: Never leave the machine unattended during brewing or steaming. You always must turn the Selector Dial to the middle position to stop brewing and/or steaming. TIP! Place espresso cups upside down on the warming plate on top of the machine. As long as the machine is on, the internal heater will keep the top plate warm.


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