Compak K3 Grinder Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Preparing the coffee grinder

Place the hopper (2) on the grind regulator (6) and check that the shutter (4) is closed. Anchor the hopper by threading the setting roller (5) by hand. Fig 1. Remove the hopper lid (1), fill the hopper (2) with coffee and replace hopper lid. Fig. 2.

Connect the machine to the power supply, press the On-Off switch (14 -10 position 2) and open the shutter (4) to let the coffee through. Remove the dispenser lid (8) and turn the grind regulator (6) to the required grind setting. By turning it clockwise, the coffee grind will be coarser and turning it counter-clockwise, the grind will be finer. Note that you should only change grind settings when the machine is on and burrs are in motion. If you do not do this, the burrs will gunk up and cleaning will be required. Changing the grind settings when the burrs are not in motion will cause the grinder to only make very coarse grinds or no grinds at all. Fig. 3.

For security reasons the regulator is limited to a single turn. In the Stepped models, the grinding positions are set by the placement of the holes shown in the photo. Using these holes, select the grind point you desire. Fig. 4.

NOTE: If a lot of coffee comes out slowly, this is because the coffee is set to grind very fine. If a little comes out very fast, it is because the grind is very thick. A perfect espresso is achieved with a grinding point of 25 ml of coffee brewed in 25 seconds.

Regulating the coffee servings Model K-3 Elite

The dispensers are factory adjusted to serve an amount of approximately 7 gr of ground coffee, but this quantity can be regulated between 6 and 10 gr, as follows: Remove the ground coffee dispenser lid (8) and turn the dispensing regulation screw (9) clockwise to obtain a smaller amount of coffee, and counter-clockwise to obtain a larger amount. Once the quantity of each serving has been regulated, replace the ground coffee dispenser lid (8). Fig. 5.

Coffee regulation for the Model K-3 Touch

The K-3 Touch model grinding time is factory regulated to serve portions of approximately 7 g. To change the grinding time, turn off the machine using the 3-position switch (10).

Turn the plastic axle located on the underside of the machine. If turned clockwise, the quantity of coffee will be increased and if turned counter-clockwise, the amount will be reduced. Fig. 6. Fig. 6

Turn the 3-position switch to position 1. Check that the amount of ground coffee is correct. If not, repeat the operation.

Using the Model K-3 Elite

To turn the machine on and off, use the On-Off switch (14). The machine will start to grind the coffee. If the automatic stop option is incorporated, the grinder will stop grinding when the dispenser reaches the maximum level, and will restart after 8 portions of coffee have been served, grinding again to the maximum level.

If the machine does not incorporate the automatic stop option, we recommend that you f ill the doser 75% of its capacity in order to guarantee consistent dosing.

To serve the coffee servings, place the portafilter on the support crutch (13) as far in as possible so that it is positioned under the ground coffee discharge tube. Pull the dispensing handle (11) to obtain one coffee serving (one serving is equal to one cup of coffee), and release it so it returns to its normal position. Fig. 7.

Take the portafilter and place it under the coffee tamper (12), pressing upwards to pack the coffee. Fig. 8.

General cleaning

To guarantee the correct operation of the machine as well as the quality of the ground coffee, we should periodically clean the parts that come into contact with the coffee (at least once a week). Before performing any type of maintenance work, the following indications must be taken into consideration:

  • Always turn off the machine using the On-Off switch (14 for model K-3 Elite -10 for model K-3 Touch)