Crossland CC1 Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Installation Instructions

This espresso machine comes ready to be installed in accordance with the data printed on the identification label.

Ensure the mains electrical supply has an equal or greater rating than required by this espresso machine.

Grounding this appliance is mandatory. The manufacturer declines all responsibility in the event of improper grounding.

Filling Water Reservoir

Fill the water reservoir before using this machine, after a long period of inactivity, or when the tank is empty.

  • Pull the water reservoir toward you slightly, then shift the tank to left side.
  • Pour about 2 liters of water into the tank(use drinking water, softened if possible).
  • You can also remove the water reservoir completely to refill directly.
    Never operate machine without water as damage to the pump may occur. Damage to pump from this cause is not covered under warranty.

Power Connection

Connect the espresso machine to the mains electrical supply at your location.

Machine ON

Check to ensure steam valve is closed. Turn on the power switch. The LCD display will light and display the following:

Press the button to activate the boiler filling process.
Note: If the Menu button is not pressed after the power is turned on, the machine will automatically turn on after 60 seconds.

You will hear the sound of the operating pump and after few moments, water will begin to exit from the brew head (initial filling takes about 1 minute). Push the button again, the pump stops and the heater is turned on.

Upon initial installation it is good to activate this process again, by pressing the button, to flow water through the machine. This helps to rinse all internal components.

During the heating process the display will fl ash 3 bars (see below) while heating to 150°F. Above 150°F the measured temperature will will be displayed.

The boiler temperature indicated on LCD display will rise until reaching the Set Temperature. Once the Set Temperature is reached, the machine is ready for use.
Note: The menu item icon will flash until heating is complete.

During the initial installation, the boiler fill process will take about 1 (one) minute. Incorrect boiler fill process may damage the heating element. The boiler is full when water exits from the brew head.